Monday, June 28, 2010

The Other Book

So, after I wrote Forest of Lies (the rather lengthy story of the writing can be found in my new tab) I had about a dozen story ideas pop into my head, all related to the original. A prequel, involving Much. A sequel, involving Robin. Another sequel, perhaps involving Will. Yet another, maybe with Timothy. Etc. Well, one of them is the one I'm currently "working" on--a story that started out as a sequel involving the daughter of one of the main characters of FoL. It started that way. I called it The Bow. Then one of the minor characters proved more interesting then the main character when I ran the book through NaNoWriMo (yes, I have dirtied my hands in something so mainstream) so I started it over with her.

Enter Etched in Black.

Etched isn't really a bad book; I just can already see all the flaws that it has and, quite frankly, it freaks me out. All the editing I'll have to do!! PANIC.

So awhile back I decided to put it aside (I'm 45,000 words in) and work on editing Forest. Of COURSE while I'm in Iowa I WOULD get some desire to take up Etched again, after I had decided so heartily that I would leave it alone.

Now what to do? Am I just afraid of editing FoL? Probably...I often sit down in the front of the computer and am afraid of "marring" the Draft III with either chisel or clay (yes, I'm mixing some weird kind of metaphors). My mind runs blank. My pages of notes--editing thoughts I have, editing others have--sit on the desk (or in their various documents), mocking me.

What to do.


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