Saturday, June 26, 2010

Welcome to Sherwood!

Eventually I'll figure out (read: ask my dad) how to "embed" things in blog posts, and then I'll come back to this post and add in the perfect YouTube video...

EDIT: Hello, it's April 21st, 2012, and here I am, finally, with the video: 

Hello there. I'm Nai.

I suffer from something I haven't found very common in the world I live in: an obsession with the English legend of Robin Hood. One thing I should make clear right off the bat is that it's more than the title character that has me hooked. In fact, if I let it, the main character have a tendency to annoy me (though I love him all the same). I love the whole thing, a lot including that it has to do with the coolest island in the world--England--the fact that he's been around for 800 years and is still going strong, and especially the fact that each writer can make Robin Hood their own.

I've done that. It's amazingly fun to enter the world of People Who Have Written A Robin Hood. It is a balance of familiarity and originality: making it your own but also making it recognizable. As a Robin Hood writer, I tend on the side of crazy changes, the familiar aspects often hidden like private jokes. That's okay with me.

So, writing and Robin Hood are two big aspects of my life, and Forest of Lies was pretty much an inevitable collision of two main interests. What I hadn't seen as inevitable--but should have--is the collision of the third aspect: my belief in a Heavenly Father who loves me. Forest of Lies taught me a lot about who I was, even though I hadn't planned that. It often seems the unplanned things are the most exciting, and this certainly was.

So after that, I'll admit something: I'm not quite sure where this blog will go. As I'm currently working on Draft IV of Forest of Lies I imagine it will occasionally (hopefully ONLY occasionally) indulge in whining, both about story aspects and the lack of sources about the year 1191. I also plan to give reviews about Robin Hood books I read--ones I've read several times, and ones I've just stumbled upon--as well as movies and TV shows I've seen. I may occasional indulge in things that you might find helpful if you ever decide to do the crazy thing that is writing historical fiction about the twelfth century. After that, who knows where else this will leave me? (And, consequently, what few readers I might ensnare...what? nay, that is not an evil laugh you hear.)

With a toast to the Merry Greenwood,

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