Friday, July 30, 2010

Half is Better Than None...

Though I certainly could've done better! Yesterday I did get my 30 minutes of critiquing in, and enjoyed it immensely. Why I've been avoiding it is really beyond me. Well, actually, there is a bit of a lie in that--I haven't exactly been avoiding it, I've been doing other things, LESS important to me, in its stead, something I hope to amend as soon as I can.

Because of the fact that I've been updating the blogging world about my success and failures (mostly failures) this week, I have doubled the amount of posts per week that I had decided was a good amount, but have utterly abandoned my other blog. Whoops. Also, I've done precious little talk about Robin Hood. Dearie me.

Here's a tidbit. The day I was sick, as I mentioned, I watched a "History of Britain" thing that was three hours long and went from early British history to the death of King John. I, unfortunately, was not able to glean much more about the time period that I write my books in (approximately 1189-1208), but I did find a helpful fact: William the Conqueror's (I think that's his official title? Norman duke guy who invaded in 1066) father's name was...drumroll...Robert. So. Remember that post where I was complaining about names (here)? I now have a legitimate reason why Robin's mother would be so dismayed about her tow-headed Saxon son being named Robert (his Saxon father also renamed himself the hopes of "fitting in" with the Norman nobles)! Hurrah for family strife! books, I mean.

Today, I leave the house at about 12:30 and do not return until sometime tomorrow morning. I still plan on trying to get my goal today, however! I am actually itching for some editing time. Better write when I'm itching, eh?

Until next Tuesday (probably),

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