Thursday, July 8, 2010

Home and Reading!

I'm back from illustrious Iowa, and I will soon have some sort of schedule about posts and whatnot so that they can appear more regularly.

Anyhow, upon returning home, I discovered that my library had purchased a new version of the Robin Hood story--published in 2010! Oh, the excitement, the glory! (Does glory fit?) Having read it, it seems fit that I review it. Also, it seems fit that I set up a system for reviews, for I highly doubt this will be my last. As of yet, I have the system, not the review, so you will have to wait with bated breath for that chronicle. For now, here is my proposed system of reviewing (which I will also post in a page):

Books (and movies, and TV shows) will be rated on a 5-star scale:

* = poor
* * = fair
* * * = good
* * * * = very good
* * * * * = above and beyond

In 5 categories:

Rating based mostly on originality or interesting twists.

Originality--but “bonus points” if the characters still “feels” right, as well as original.

Golden Arrow
Does this book--originality, characters, everything aside--feel like Robin Hood? Of course, this is very much concerned with the reviewer’s personal belief in what does feel like Robin Hood.

I decided long ago that one of my favorite parts of Robin Hood was the humor--especially in dialogue. How does this book stack up?

A bit harder to “rate,” but in this section I’ll touch on any elements of the particular book that stuck out to me, and made the reading more interesting/more confusing/less enjoyable, etc.

And finally:

Overall Thoughts and Rating
Self-explanatory, I do believe.


In each rated category, I will write in more detail about why the book/movie/TV show got that rating, and about the performance of the book in general in that area. I hope not to digress too much, but I'm a long-winded writer, so we shall see.

Until the review of Hawksmaid,


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