Wednesday, July 28, 2010


If someone were to ask about the weaknesses of "my family's homeschool" I'd have to say this: math and a consistent schedule.

This easily trickles over to my ability to stick to a schedule, I should think. But the other thing that annoys me about schedules? They're constantly interrupted. Much like the fact that I get "frozen" when I get behind on things, I tend to freeze once my schedule gets off/behind by about an hour. "Oh shoot, not going to work, here's hope for tomorrow." Sometimes, though, the whole day is interrupted.

Like yesterday.

Yes, this is a roundabout way to say that I got nothing done on my goal yesterday, the first day, which is always the day I like to make the strongest showing. In fact, all I did yesterday was sleep, watch stuff on Britain's history, watch Hamlet, and eat. Why? I was sick. Blegh. Should I have done editing and critiquing? I don't know. I didn't take any pain killer until last night when I couldn't get to sleep--when we get sick at my house, we just rest. I feel much better today, so it probably worked.

But, as promised (I think--at least as intended...), here's my report. Minutes critiquing: 0. Minutes editing: 0.

I am planning on not being discouraged by this poor start. With a Kleenex and glass of water, I shall prevail not only against the written word, but the math as well!

I need a music flourish there. Ah well.

Until the next report!


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