Thursday, July 29, 2010


Epic Fail no. 2

July 28th:
Editing: 0
Critiquing: 0

My excuse this time? Poor planning coupled with unexpected interruptions. It seems that when I decide that I have time to burn, it becomes very obvious later that I did not have that time in the least. After wasting nearly an hour on the internet (perhaps more) I felt sicker then I had when I started. Then I had an impromptu meeting with my parents to talk about school, which rather depressed me. After that, I felt sick enough that I went to my room and took a nap. Afterwords, I did get some Geometry and college info-filling-out done, but another unexpected thing occurred after supper, when I assumed I could "catch up" and get my goal in--and it was time to go driving.

Stinks, doesn't it? Mostly my fault, though. Today, as always, I'll try to do better, realizing that I can't really, on my own. My specific schedule today: Bible, talk to friend, blogs, editing, critiquing. After that, the practice PSAT test. Whoopdeedo. (No, that is not a word.)

Also, keep on a lookout out for my review of the first graphic novel I've read--Outlaw: The Legend of Robin Hood.


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