Saturday, July 31, 2010


Although most of yesterday consisted of sci-fi awesomeness, in terms movies, TV, and conversation, I also did manage to grow closer to my goal, with mind-blowing results. At least, my mind. I haven't shown anyone else.

Editing started out with a list of things I wished to get done in an edited chapter 1. This grew into a list of things I wanted to get done in the entirety of draft IV, and then into a bunch of questions I realized I didn't know the answers too--questions about characters and plot. I found out what was (is) wrong with the first half of my book. Talk about my brain exploding.

Total time that could be called "actual" work on this worked out to 31 minutes. I continued to work and think about them for another 21, so take which figure better suits you--31 or 52. I'm rather ecstatic about editing now, and the hard work appeals to me. Imagine that. Why do we avoid what we love?

Following a lawn-mowing bit, I did manage to get a chapter critiqued as well, though I didn't write down the specific time, it was around 20 minutes. No more epic failure! For yesterday, anyhow. Probably won't get much done today, what with birthdays and all.

Amidst the aforementioned sci-fi awesomeness yesterday was the re-watching of an episode of the BBC Robin Hood. I should get a review up of that. Weird thing is, I can tell all the weird, quirky, and bad things about it as disclaimers, yet I still watch it. Personally, I find the show Doctor Who to be a lot better, yet I still enjoy it immensely. As I slowly re-watch more, I shall have to explain this phenomena in a review.

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