Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Day of Doom Approachith

August 9th, 2010
Editing: 0
Critiquing: 30 minutes for sure, plus I probably spent another 30-45 consulting/advising the author who's work I'd critiqued.

I didn't intend to mention this until the actual entry-date of August 15th, but I can't stop thinking about it, so I will mention it.

On August 15th, young writers from all over the United States (even all over the world) will have their last chance to submit their brain-children to the third One Year Adventure Novel Contest (contest page). This is my only year since it started that I'm sitting out. I've been slightly depressed in the months after my initial decision, but now I'm terribly excited. I think it's the weight of trying to win that's been taken off me; I can now fully appreciate OYAN for the wonderful thing that it is, and root thoroughly for my friends (and sister!).

I mention OYAN on my lengthy "about me" page, as well as the Forest of Lies page, I believe. I haven't as yet mentioned in the "actual" blog. A few words? It's amazing. Before I took the course for the first time in 2007-2008, I had started many, many books. I hadn't finished single one. And besides that, they were a bore to read. (Well, my sister said otherwise, but she's biased.) 2007-2008 not only taught me the art of story, it gave me friends I very much needed at that time. Without OYAN and my teacher/mentor, I wouldn't have written Forest of Lies. It wouldn't exist. When I think about this, it baffles me. No FoL?!

Anyway, enough plugging of that. On Sunday, I plan to post some kind of tribute to all the brave souls entering this year. They've done something amazing, and I can't wait to hear the results! (And see how many people have entered! 5 the first year, 32 the second...where will it go this time?)

In other news, I still plan on getting a review up soon, probably of Paul Creswick's Robin Hood and His Adventures, and sometime I'm going to have to plunge in and discuss the topic of the "traditional" Robin Hood, and "how traditional" I think a Robin Hood should be.


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Teenage Authoress said...

I'm with you there! I'm not entering either XD

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