Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Etched in Black

I don't really like writing synopses (I think that's the way you pluralize that), but this one is fair, and shows to some extent how far I've gotten in outlining Etched in Black! Due to bugging by good friends and recently setting up a writing-exchange with a fellow writer, I hope to get back on top of Forest of Lies editing soon, intimidating as it is. So, without further ado, the 5th or so synopsis of Etched in Black*:

Fear stalks medieval England. With the Pope’s closure of their churches and excommunication of their King, the English people live in fear of the damnation of their children and the prevalence of witches. Yvette has little time for such issues, however, when dealing with the abduction of her father. Ever the target of unjust accusations, Yvette only seeks to rescue her father from whatever clutches she may find him in--if ever she can get there.

Yet this is no simple abduction. The abductor seems intent on leading Yvette straight to him in a cruel game of cat-and-mouse. Even her unexpected friends can do little to help as she is emotionally and physically battered, beginning to believe the words of worthlessness that have whirled around her since her birth. Will she ever be able to shake off her guilt over things far passed? Will justice be served in a world of darkness? But, most important, will Yvette recognize her worth not only to herself, but to the One who died for her?


I might've put too much context in the first paragraph, but I'll deal with it for now. I'm attempting to make the religious unrest a semi-major plot point so it seemed best to mention it. My school is going practically full-blast now, so the blog schedule will be a bit shaky for a few weeks, until I get a better idea of what exactly I can and cannot do. This one seemed easy, considering I wrote the above just five minutes ago!

Also, worthy of mention on a Robin Hood blog: today I start my community college archery class!


August 27-August 30, 2010
Outlining: 1 hour
Editing: 30 minutes
Critiquing (Saturday): 15 minutes

*Etched in Black's title is currently a "working title" as, with the changes I've made, another title may be more appropriate.


Hannah/iWrite4Him said...

Yes! You're working on it again! Huzzah :-D

Nairam said...

As of August 11, very much so! :)

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