Saturday, August 7, 2010

I Wish I Had a Sonic Screwdriver

Because then, all of this would be much, much easier. Just bzap at the screen, and my blog would turn out completely how I want it! Most likely, I could even do things that blogger does not technically have, like a way to un-capitalize the titles on my gadgets o'er there to your right. I don't like all caps. IT MAKES ME THINK SOMEONE IS YELLING. Yeah.

Well, at least I got the color on said gadget titles changed, plus cut a few things so that I don't feel so crowded over there. Also got rid of icky Ariel font. *shiver* I configured TheoEc a lot when I set it up, because I had two hours of blog-class time in which to do it. So I got it all how I liked it, and then I set up Sherwood. Tired by then, I didn't configure as much...until now. Dun-dun!

What I WANT now, besides the un-capitalization of said gadget titles, is a way to maybe "box them in" like on Amzi's blog. Oh well. We'll go with this. (Besides, if I "boxed them in," we couldn't see the lovely tree right o'er there to your right as well.)

By now, you might be wondering if I'm ever going to mention Robin Hood or writing on this Robin Hood-and-writing blog. Well, I figure I don't exactly have to, as this is a "bonus post" anyway. 'sides that, I'm a little over-stimulated by how much sci-fi I've been seeing and talking about lately, though the "seeing" only applies to Star Trek and Star Wars, and Doctor Who unfortunately only in the talking compartment. Yes, as my sister would say, Sadness and Much Tears. In case you're wondering, I am also enjoying the opportunity to mention the Doctor and torture all of you His-Fic fans who thought I was sane and liked REAL things. I just hope you won't run away; I do have a review and a discussion on "traditional" Robin Hood coming up in the next week or so, so you shall be saved. I'm also debating talking about Hamlet on either this blog or the other one.

Whoops, that scared EVERYONE away, didn't it?

Moving on...I will go ahead and give you yesterday's totals:
August 6th, 2010
Critiquing: 33 minutes
Editing: 0 minutes

Yes, bad me. I like critiquing better then editing. It's less overwhelming. You get to tell someone all the stuff you think they need to fix, instead of fixing all the stuff you know you have to fix.

I think that's just about enough for today. Rant and rambling over.

By the way, I snitched both Tenth Doctor + SS pics from a blog that said that SHE got them from this place. Which I just clicked over to and went "oooooh" at.

In other news, I suggest any music or violin lovers (or both) try and find a recording/YouTube video of La Folia by Corelli. The FULL version, not Suzuki. About 9 minutes. It's gorgeous.

Shutting up now,


Teenage Authoress said...

Its Fargo!


Nairam said...


Teenage Authoress said...

In the picture. His name is Fargo. He's from a funny TV show about this place called Eureka where all the world's most brilliant scientists gather to work. The underlying principles are really sweet. Basically its how all this technology isn't going to fix/replace anything we already have - people, life, love, etc.

Nairam said...

Actually, its David Tennant from BBC's Doctor Who. But I just looked the other guy up and they have the same glasses and some resemblance, apparently. :D

Teenage Authoress said...

Well that's eerie. Very.

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