Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Goals

August 11th, 2010
Editing: 30 minutes
Critiquing: 1 ½ hours

First off, for some strange and inexplicable reason, I have no records of August 10th. The only thing I have is when I started critiquing my lovely friend Lizzie’s novel at 7:51 AM, and did 58 pages. That probably translated to a little over an hour, considering I’ve consistently done about 25 pages in 30 minutes. So we’ll say that for August 10th. I know I didn’t get any editing done. *goes to corner of shame*

I did this morning, though! That being because yesterday I figured out what my writing and editing schedule will be, if I wish to have a new book, Etched in Black, rough drafted by the end of March, and Forest of Lies Draft IV done by the middle of May. Why these particular dates? The OYAN Summer Workshops--twelve weeks of editing--start mid- to late May, and I wish to run both novels through the shredder then. You’re supposed to take off a few weeks after finishing a rough draft, thus the earlier end-date for Etched.

Wouldst mine dear blog readers wish to see the dates I have all figured out? Well, thou art (this is singular, but how do you pluralize this kind of talk?) silent, so I must chooseth on mine own! Here it goes...(my reason for this torture is that telling a few people about it will help me stay on track--kind of NaNoWriMo-y philosophy):

Forest of Lies
FoL Official Start Date: Now
FoL: Chapter I, Draft IV ~ Complete August 28
FoL, Chapter II ~ September 18
FoL, Chapter III ~ October 9
FoL, Chapter IV ~ October 30
FoL, Chapter V ~ November 20
FoL, Chapter VI ~ December 11
-No Christmas Break Unless I Get Ahead-
FoL, Chapter VII ~ January 1
FoL, Chapter VIII ~ January 22
FoL, Chapter IX ~ February 12
FoL, Chapter X ~ March 5
FoL, Chapter XI ~ March 26
FoL, Chapter XII ~ April 16

Etched in Black
EiB Official Start Date: September 5
EiB, Finish “Story Building” part of OYAN ~ October 30
EiB, Finish “Story Skeleton” ~ November 13
EiB, Finish “Novel Outline” ~ December 4
EiB, Completely Finish Outlining ~ December 18
-Christmas Break-
EiB, Write Chapter 1 ~ January 15
EiB, Chapter 2 ~ January 22
EiB, Chapter 3 ~ January 29
EiB, Chapter 4 ~ February 5
EiB, Chapter 5 ~February 12
EiB, Chapter 6 ~ February 19
EiB, Chapter 7 ~ February 26
EiB, Chapter 8 ~ March 5
EiB, Chapter 9 ~ March 12
EiB, Chapter 10 ~ March 19
EiB, Chapter 11 ~ March 26
--Break Until SWs--


Ai, terrifying, isn’t it? I think I’ll start a tab so that you can keep...tabs...on me, if I fail to mention it in my blog (highly doubt it, but it might happen). Yes, starting in January, I will be writing entire chapters in one week. It’s how OYAN works. The good thing is, you’ve already laid the path, and all you have to do is sprint down what you’ve planned. Another good thing is that the harder part of Forest editing (the first half) pairs up with the easier part of Etched writing (outlining), and vice versa. So I might not explode. Also, I’ve already started in on Etched in the hopes of getting the slightest bit of a lead.

But wait! There’s more! Also as the school year closes in, my critiquing/editing/writing/outlining goals will change. I’m not sure exactly how it all will work out yet, but I only have officially an hour of writing on school days, and that’s for everything--blogs, FoL, EiB, and all the critiquing. Obviously, this isn’t going to work so well. Critiquing will probably move completely to the weekend, where I will hope to spend an hour to two hours on it. I’m not sure what yet I’ll do with the blogs. I might alternate days between hour-long bouts with FoL and EiB. We shall see!

So, two deadlines now to aim for:
FoL, Chapter 1 Draft IV to complete on August 28
EiB, Finish “Story Building” part of OYAN by October 30

Now, let’s see how far behind I fall, shall we?


P.S. I have this nagging feeling I'm forgetting to say something on here that I meant to say...but I can't figure out what it is. So I give up.

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