Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some Random Dribble

It is now 7:24 and I have no inspiration whatsoever for what I next wish to do on this blog. A recent post on a blog by a friend of mine (I'm not sure if she wishes to be linked to, so I'll leave you in agony over who) has inspired me to flood you with character-posts, whether you would read them or no. However, your delight or fear is delayed for the moment, as I don't wish to write any right now, except maybe about Gervais, and that would be way out of order. I can't abide things out of order.

O' course, as I say this: about having no inspiration and whatnot...I can't help thinking: "well, I'm a slacker." To write only when one has inspiration is not to be a writer. You have to write whether you have inspiration or not. I haven't heard many people say: "wow, I am so inspired to edit!!" (except maybe me, and that was before my editing process had really begun). You're not inspired to edit; you need to edit, and if you want the completed work badly enough, you will. Editing or revising, of course, has its flashes just as normal writing, but the flashes won't make a completed book anymore than the writing flashes will suddenly make a book exist. It's a lot of hard work. Inspiration lightens the load now and again, but most of the time it's not there to help you.

So I apologies for my laziness in not wanting to post about my characters, unless you don't want me to, in which case I congratulate you on your good luck because of my laziness. (Did that make sense at all?)

My outlining goes well. One might say I'm inspired. I haven't edited in...six days? I have three days left. I need to get some done today, obviously. Preferably a lot, but that's not likely to happen with everything else I need to do. See, my lecture about editing and writing is as directed towards me as anyone else.

For fear of being an extreme bore, I'll draw this to a close pretty soon. I will let the world know that I am now an educated and fulfilled human being ([/heavy sarcasm]) as I have seen the movie Back to the Future. I heard those gasps. Yes, I've seen it now, and I must say, enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. What followed it? Hamlet, of course. Aaah, good ol' Shakespeare. I had a thought while watching it (again) however. Yoda isn't the first character to talk backwards and shouldn't get so much credit for it ([/joshing]). Take a load of these...

"Break we our watch up" (I.i.168).

"A truant disposition, good my lord" (I.ii.169).

"In faith, My lord, not I" (I.iv.143).

Not to pick on Horatio...

"Come, go we to the king" (II.i.117).

"Though yet of Hamlet our dear brother's death/The memory be green" (I.ii.1-2).

Is't amusing? Brilliant, doubtless, but amusing as well--what say you?

Until next time,


greenlightsaber said...

Haha, I love the days when Star Wars and Shakespeare mix!

Li'l Corp'ral Janie said...

Hey Rachie,
I have to do Hamlet for my A Level exam next year! :D

Love ya,
God bless,
~ Janie xx

Hannah said...

You can link to me, I don't mind when I know who it is doing the linking ;-)

How do you pronounce Gervais? Random, I know, but I'm curious.

Nairam said...

@Jane: I hope you have fun! It's brilliant.

@Hannah: zher-vey. It's French.

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