Thursday, August 19, 2010

"These foils have all a length?"

Hamlet, V.ii.276

August 17-18, 2010
Outlining: 2 hours, 5 minutes
Editing: 30 minutes

This week must be "quote Shakespeare week" on my blogs, what with my quoting of Othello in TheoEc this week. This quote, however, has a little happier meaning for me, though unfortunately it means the "present death of Hamlet" (IV.iv.66). (See, I've seen the darn thing way too many times.) Why the mentioning of "foils"?

I have started fencing! And boy, do I have weird muscles hurting this morning. Retreating, advancing, and "on guard" position are more strenuous than one might assume. Especially "on guard." Yowch.

I actually did get to give my prepared answer for "so, why are you taking fencing?" As you should perhaps be able to guess: "Too much Hamlet!"

I really like it so far, though, not just because of Hamlet. It's hard and hurts (and therefore I'm guessing that it is excellent PE), but there's also a lot of precision and awareness about where your body is, and balance, and things. Yes, I've only had one lesson. That's what I got from that, though. It felt almost like sport as an art form. Which was really cool. I like art. ;)

As you might be able to guess, my outlining is going quite well! I've been watching 3 OYAN video lessons a day, which I don't recommend for people just starting the curriculum, but has been working very well for me, as a good way to remember all the techniques I wish to employ once I get completely underway with Etched in Black. I've also had little trouble filling out the map worksheets, which is also good. I've got a good idea of this story and its characters, and OYAN is helping me pull it together.

Editing has been fair, too, though I have a little bit of self-doubt on whether it is actually improving, or just changing. Obviously, I want improvement. I guess we'll see once I start posting and seeing what others think. I hope I can get some new eyes on it. It's good to know a lot of other writers, I've found. New eyes are almost always better for new drafts, and you can go through so many "eyes" with just one draft that you need to find a whole slew of them every year or two.

I have noticed a slight "tempering" (I think that word works like I want it too) of Marian's voice...she's become a little more subdued. This worried me at first, because I'm trying to make her voice stronger, but I think it is actually, overall, a slight change in character, and the voice is following. I haven't been purposefully doing this, but I'm going to fly with it...its kind of hard to choose NOT to do something that seems to be coming out naturally, and usually a bad idea, I've found. We'll see where that leads me story-wise. It might prove to be better for the story, and help improve it where I want to. We shall see. other news? I've seen "Sisterhood," "Booby and the Beast," and "Childhood" for the second (sometimes third or fourth time) in the last couple of weeks, and that's been fun. I was worried after the re-watch of "Angle of Death" that I wasn't going to like the others, because that one wasn't as good as I remembered it. Turns out that one just wasn't as good as I remembered it. At least, only that one so far. I've been brainstorming some Robin Hood-specific topics to address in upcoming blog posts...but who knows how long it'll take me to get through rambling about my everyday life and actually do some of them. I still haven't delivered the promised "traditional"-ism post. Ah well, there's always tomorrow. Well, we assume there's always tomorrow.

"But let that go..."



Annie P. said...

What? "Angel of Death" is one of the best episodes in Season 2! Except for that wacko that quotes the Bible for no reason other than to be creepy. My favorite is still "Lardner's Ring."

Anyway, I admire your physical activity. Just don't take any drinks offered to you on the sidelines. ;) What do you mean by Marian's "voice"? As in, the things she tends to say?

Nairam said...

The creepy guy was one of my favorite parts...I just didn't like it as much as I remembered liking it. I still liked it. (Wow, that's a lot of likes.)

Well, I've got a lot of catch up PE to do. :P

Not really the things she tends to say, though that's part of it, but how she sounds overall. An author's voice is kind of how that person's personality carries through all their work...a character voice (in a first person novel) should carry throughout the whole novel. She needs to be a good narrator. She's not bad now, but sometimes she fades into the background. Does that sort of make sense?

Annie P. said...

Ahh, okay. So, (lemme see if I get this right) a "character voice" is the way the character tells the story. And how their personality shows up in their narrative. Their perception, in a way? If that's right, then that's really good to know, actually. I've kind of been struggling with inconsistency in that area as well (hoping to take it out with editing), I'd just never had a name for it. It's sometimes hard to even remember who's telling the story, I kind of slip into telling it myself. :P

greenlightsaber said...

Fencing! We must compare notes sometime! Are you enjoying it?
Hope Marian's development goes well!

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