Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This and That

Editing: 10 minutes
Critiquing: 1 hour

Soooo...Robin Hood. Editing. What to write about? Beside the fact that for the first time I got TheoEc done on Monday and I'm now doing Nai on Tuesday? Hurrah!

I've also gotten the movie soundtrack for Russell Crowe's Robin Hood...and have a desire to see it again. Imagine! I, who gave it such a harsh review in terms of story, not even touching the Robin Hood elements (which were faintly there, enough for me), wanting to see it again! The truth is, I wanted to see it again right after I finished it...generally it takes a movie two takes for me to decide if I really like it or not. I guess I haven't yet adopted the normal American culture of new movie, new movie, new movie...possibly because in general I'd rather watch something I know I'll enjoy over some "new hatch'd, unfledg'd"...movie. You get the point.

As I am now an official student of my community college (no, I haven't finished high school yet. Dual credit!), there might actually be a cheap opportunity to do just that. The school's playing Robin Hood on August 27th. Where, or how much for, I'm not entirely certain. All the same, I think it would be good to investigate, yes?

In other news, I am almost daily fighting jealousy for friends and acquaintances who are going on vacations to Europe, who have already gone on vacations for Europe, etc. Of course, I don't need the whole Europe kit and kaboodle, but I would so love to go to England. So much so, sometimes, it hurts. Seems weird, to have so much longing for a place you've never seen--really seen. It's not just Robin Hood. I love the whole thing. I mean, there's Hadrian's wall, and tons of things in London, and Shakespeare...there's so much history on that little island! Stuff that's been there for hundreds (sometimes a couple thousand) years! I love old things. Brits, it seems, walk past old things every single day. Nottingham Castle (renaissance rebuilding that it is), smack in the middle of an urban city. You can go to street view from Google...people just walking past something that has been there longer then...oh, I don't know.

Okay, drooling done. Just a word of advice: beware of having friends and acquaintances that are the youngest or only child in their family. They're the ones that get to flippantly post on Facebook: I'm going to Europe!

Well, I'll get there. Someday. Somehow.


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Anonymous said...

*hugs* Deary I know how you feel. I get the same way about Korea sometimes. :)


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