Sunday, August 15, 2010

To OYANers

Because you dare.

You dare to write a novel in 9 months.

You dare to Mean Something in a meaningless world.

You dare to show Truth.

You dare to stare at a piece of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.

You dare to stumble around, trying to make characters come alive.

You dare to make them suffer, to make the Something to Want worth something.

You dare to create conflict.

You dare to try to knock over your Something to Learn with a sledgehammer.

You dare to make your Black Moment black.

You dare to make the characters you love hate you.

You dare to make the Showdown the toughest thing yet.

You dare to make it a Battle of Ideals.

You dare to let your story leave the perfect sanctuary of your mind and come out into the imperfect world of letters, words, and sentences.

You dare to share it with the World of Writers, to learn how to make it better.

You dare to go back to your squalling brain-child, to edit and revise.

You dare to forego adverbs, passive voice, and expostulated.

You dare to lose some hair in the process.

You dare to then submit it to judges, to let others see your words, your heart.

You dare to write the adventure of a lifetime.

And then, you dare to do it again.

Because, you know, the world doesn’t end on August 15th.

There are more stories to be written and more hair to lose.

And loads more to dare.

Love to all,


Haniya said...

*applause* GO OYANers!

Snuffles said...

Awesomely stated, Nai. <3

Annie P. said...

So, where do I sign up?

Sandy said...

Thank you so much Nai - you have NO IDEA how encouraging that is. YAY FOR OYAN PEEPS.

Sharpie said...


Hannah said...

Thanks so much, Nai!



Keifer Lucchi said...

:D I really appreciate this. This is awesome. You rock Nai

Anonymous said...

That was wonderful. Seriously.

Nairam said...

Thanks, everyone.

Annie: I'm not sure of that's a rhetorical question or real, but you can go to this site: to see the curriculum. Also, anyone's who is writing is sort of in this group of crazy people all ready. Though this post was definitely OYAN-specific. ;)

Annie P. said...

Heh, it was rhetorical. Sorry for the confusion. I'm planning on signing up for the 2010-2011 school year, and I'm really excited about it. :) Thanks! Lovely post!

Nairam said...

Hurrah! Feel free to contact me if you get on the forum. I'm Nairam on there as well. I'm glad you liked it. :)

Sandy said...

Actually, Annie is a friend of mine - she lives near Samii and I. I gave you fanmail from her at the workshops :P

Nairam said...

I was wondering about that, actually. Heh.

Annie P. said...

Not that I'm a stalker fangirl or anything...

Anonymous said...

Even your blogposts are wonderfully written, Nai!

~OYAN Forever!~


Miguel said...

Stumbled across this on your page... very cool post.

Hear, hear for OYANers much more daring than I could ever dream of, and to the first Author who carved out the story of mankind so that we could live it.


Star said...

Yay ^_^



JJGrace said...

OYANers! Go! Great post, Nairam! :D

Bee said...

Go OYAN! Thanks for posting Nairam! :D

HorseRidingWriter said...

Yay for OYAN!!!!!

Carrots said...

Well obviously I'm late but I LURVE IT!

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