Friday, September 3, 2010

Finished "Story Building"!

September 2, 2010
Etched in Black: 2 hours, 15 minutes
Forest of Lies: 35 minutes

Just days before Etched in Black's official start date, I've finished the first section of OYAN! I've gotten quite far in those few days. Just a few things that have finally fallen into place over the last couple of weeks are...

-Gervais's background and reason for being in Lincoln for five months
-The reason for Ives's abduction
-The ensuing reason for Yvette's being baited in the way she is.
-Tied to all that, the villain's motivation for most things.
-I FINALLY understand momentary conflict and hopefully how to apply it!!! YAY!
-The themes and overall "point" of Etched in Black.
-More of the awesomeness of Gervais.
-The thinking and reasons behind Yvette's strange personality.
-My heart behind this story.

Just to name a few, the most of which you probably don't understand. That's okay, though. It'll be released eventually! I also discovered yesterday that I probably will get to use a good bit of the material I wrote last spring. That's encouraging.

On to the story skeleton!


P.S. I'm very excited for Labor Day! I'll be doing a LotR marathon with some family friends and their friends. Do any of you have plans?

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