Friday, September 17, 2010

I Once Had a Thing Called "a blog"

I used to write in every other day,

Sharing woes and joys,

Whether my readers would hear them or no,

And then would go to school,

Most satisfied.


Yeeeah, I don't do poetry. Sorry, you'll have to live with it. This hasn't been the greatest week of my life, on top of it being really busy like all my weeks now. For one thing, I had my first bout of stomach flu in who knows how long, so I was pretty miserable for the first half of the day and then stayed in bed for most of the rest of it. Obviously, I'm up and kicking again today!

I'm also working on compiling my "resource" list of books and websites I've found helpful in my historical fiction writing journey. I'll include overall medieval/12-13th century material, as well as the specifics I've had to hunt down (like things about Nottingham, Sherwood, York, etc.). So in the end it'll be composed of three parts: Historical Fiction, Robin Hood Fiction, My Fiction. I'll also try to update it fairly frequently as I find more helpful things! I did recently find a good book on Nottinghamshire, thank goodness!

I've also nearly met my three-weeks-ago goal of finishing editing chapter 1 (heh). I've got high hopes that the second chapter will go better, considering I've already overhauled it majorly from where it was when I entered the contest. Still flying ahead of Etched in Black's goals right now! My new-but-unproclaimed goal? Be done outlining by November, so I can get the first 50,000 words thrown down with the extra motivation of NaNoWriMo!

So that's where I am and what I'm up to remember all the posts ideas that I thought would be cool to do before I got swallowed by school! (And speaking of school...archery has improved considerably, and fencing is still amazing. I'm considering buying myself a foil...)

Until next time!

P.S. My brother recently checked out Disney's 1973 version of Robin Hood (yes, the one with the fox, don't diss it, 'cause I grew up with it) and as you can imagine, I've GOT to see it before it goes back. Probably this Saturday. Afterwhich I will (hopefully) post a review.

P.P.S. You've probably noticed my blog layout has changed. I've both trimmed down my sidebar stuff, as well as moving my pages over there, because when I added the Etched in Black one, it started doing goofy things where it was. I'm somewhat sad, but "as the grass grows..." wait, that hasn't ANY relevance to what I'm saying...the weirdest quotes pop into my head, sometimes.

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