Monday, September 27, 2010

Writing is a Journey

I'm taking an AP English Language course this year, and our first major assignment has been to write a "literacy narrative" describing a important event in your reading or writing history. The funny thing is, when I first began considering the assignment, I thought it would be easy--I had a lot of ideas. Then I began researching.

How do you research something like that? I began to read my pathetically sporadic diary entries, more abundant emails, and dates written in word documents.

It really made me realize how long I've been on this journey (for real--in my heart, not just my head), and how involved God has been in growing me as a writer and a person. We live in a culture very focused on the here and now, with little time spent on the past. I've already decided that studying history is very important to me--little did I know how much studying my own history would move and enlighten me.

I began to see how things were connected. In real life, too, I like to look at things in a "connected" way, how everything affects everything else. Economy, politics, art, all touches. So many things touch in my own history as well.

I set out to explain my Forest of Lies journey. I soon found it had too many facets to explain clearly. I'm not sure if I took the right path or not, but I chose to follow strictly my writing, and that for years was centered on my other novel Runaway Castle, now called Betsy Flowain. I traced its history up to OYAN, and how it gave me the tools for getting to Forest of Lies.

But there are yet more facets. Why was I writing a Robin Hood anyway? By the time I fixed and finished Betsy Flowain, I had already been working on a "Robin Hood story" for almost two years. I had already been preparing for my next journey while still working on my first, and I hadn't even known.

I've explained what Forest of Lies is to me over and over again, but it's amazing to see how Forest of Lies came in to being. The puppet show. The books. The false starts. A book going through OYAN that had been in my life for five years already.

Everything that had to fall in to place - Robin Hood - OYAN - novel experience through baffles me to even try to explain how many factors led up to where I am today. Would I have gone to the OYAN class if I hadn't been working on Betsy for five years? Would I have written Forest of Lies if I hadn't taken OYAN? Would I if we hadn't done that puppet show that led me back into the love of all things Robin Hood? Would I have written Forest of Lies if I hadn't been attempting it for two years when I finished Betsy?

It is simply marvelous. One can look at many things, in science, in history, in math, in astronomy, in nature, in biology, in all things great and grand and see God...but one can also look at the history of one facet of one person's life and still be amazed by His purpose and glory.

Who is like our God?


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