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Well, in responding to a comment on my last post, I unburied again the desire I have for two more novels in the Forest of Lies strain/series/whatever. When I wrote Forest I expected it to stand on its own. But, apparently, the characters aren't really through with me, because I got a bunch of ideas for sequels (and a prequel) upon finishing the first one.

So, for kicks, here's a brief description of what I'd imagine my other two main ideas (Etched in Black being the big one right now, of course) to tackle whenever my heart's ready for them. I know that they'll change a lot if and when I do get to writing them, because my books always do. Number one is, like I said, I have to have a heart for the story that I think I'll be telling. Then, as I work on it, it turns deeper into my heart and pulls out what I'm struggling with or thinking about. Then it comes out on paper. There's a quote by somebody that says "I write to discover what I think." This is very true for me. God, help me think and learn from each story I write, and let me write it for You!

Main character: Much
Time: 1189

I used to have a signature on the OYAN forum where I tried to explain the theme of each of my planned books in one word. Stained's? "Redemption." This book would go back to the bitter past of a character that is deeply loved and hardly seen by all of my readers of Forest of Lies. It would also delve a little deeper into Robin's past, and the relationship between the two young men.

Being the second son in his family, he isn't much valued by his father, who puts all of his hopes for the continuation of the family business into Much's stronger and seemingly more capable brother. Much eventually runs away and joins up with an outlaw band, where he participates in robberies that always end in the slaughter of the prisoners. Much, who was originally appalled by the outlaw leader's bloodthirstiness, slowly hardens to it. Then the band stumbles across a childhood friend of his: Robin of Locksley. A rift has opened between the two, and though Much, when hearing of his leader's plans to kill him, helps him to escape, they part on no friendly terms.

A few months past. Robin returns, completely changed, to the point that he baffles and angers Much. But what he is saying is making sense. Much finds himself caught between Robin's hope and his leader's despair; but mostly in the fear that there is no way to forgiveness.

(Obviously, the latter half of this book needs some work (as in, there isn't much I have planned for it right now, and it sounds too similar to some of my other books)...though maybe it would work best as a novella. Most of my interest in this book stems from a desire to know Much better then I do..)

Main character: Robin
Time: 1199

This is a book that still scares me, for a couple of reasons. 1) I'd have to write Robin. He's so complex (and a guy. >.>) that I don't feel like I'm ready for it. 2) He's also 26, married, and has kids. Obviously, I have never been 26, a husband, or a father. That said, this one really pulls at me at times, and I hope someday I have the courage and strength to write it, if God wants me to.

Though this one has the least actual story development in my mind, I know the range of emotions. Robin is struggling with depression: his body is failing him, his friend is gone, he can't support his family. In the end, I think he just leaves. He goes to his mentor, Anselm, who tells him to snap out of it. He might meet up with his father, who he thought long dead (similar to my short Locksley, but that piece would not be in the book). While he's gone (it might be several weeks or months) his family is attacked.

Overall, feelings and emotional wounds that he just pushed to the side, refused to face fully, eventually overwhelm him and drag him into the dirt. This story is about faith in God with all things, and about how even with all our imperfections, we are still precious to our Creator.


I think I'll stop trying to explain that now. Not very adventure-novelly, are they? Well, we'll see if they get written. If not, I bet I'll be writing something even better--tailor-made for my spiritual growth.

Soli Deo Gloria.


P.S. We had to reset my blogger account because of some stuff google's been doing with gmail and things, which is why it now says I've only been on blogger since October and I no longer have an About Me page. There may be other anomalies as well. I'll try to get it all fixed back up soon!

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