Thursday, December 30, 2010

Blog Purpose

First: Hi! I'm back, from Disney and the land of the sick, which we plunged into after returning from our really car trip. Yeah, that wasn't fun. Oh well. Disney was. One day, but we hardly stood in line at all and it was otherwise great.

Okay, so now sort of about my title...I read Rachelle Gardner's blog (she's a Christian Literary Agent--her blog is wonderful, by the way), and I was reading about how your blog should have a specific and unique focus and you should stick to that. It was after that that my little "blurb" at the top of my blog page changed. But the truth is, even as that is, it's still rather broad, and as there seem to be a lot of writer's blogs out there, not entirely unique, especially when one looks at the breadth of things I choose to discuss under the banner of writing and Robin Hood. In some respects, I think "eh, what could it matter--I'm young and not really trying to build a platform or audience yet." Then I think about how it takes years for people to garner about a blog audience, and if I ever do want to get published, there's no reason not to start now. Besides I am trying to get some audience for my books--I'd be lying if I said I wasn't. No, this blog is not a marketing tool as of yet. But I do link the books and I do like it when they get read. And I also post my fiction writing.

So long story short, I'm wondering if I should get back to the harder posts of reviews and Robin Hood discussions instead of the easy ones of whatever-comes-into-my-head and writerly complaints. I haven't yet decided. If any of you readers have opinions, please post. I am wondering if I should be more professional about this whole thing. I love to write and would love to do it for a living, so maybe some restraint on my part is called for.

Anyhow, whatever I decide, I got to watched 1938 Robin Hood and a episode of the BBC Robin Hood while I was sick. I also started Robin and the 7 Hoods but I was bored and irritable about 20 minutes in and switched it off (as I said, I was sick). I also received Howard Pyle's Robin Hood as a present--yay! My collection sports 8 versions now, if you count my own. I hope to get to read Pyle's again even though my Christmas vacation is almost over. I remember liking it quite a bit. It's also a bit of a classic as far as Robin Hood goes. It's not THE first Robin Hood, but it's about the oldest one you can easily get a hold of, which is nice.

Still praying about Gervais and company, but I haven't gotten anywhere that I can really tell about yet, so you'll have to stick around for updates about that.


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Katie Oostman said...

Hmm, I have a different outlook from the agent. I like having some to the point articles but also I like to hear about struggles and how people overcome them, what they are feeling about something so maybe it can help me through a similar situation. Just my thoughts. As my blog readers know, my blog is a wild card. A messy journal. I don't want it to be like a journalist column or review board because that's not its purpose. But maybe you like that better. If that's the case, go for it. :)

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