Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Homework Take III

So, yesterday I copied and pasted the OYAN Map questions from their mother document and placed them in yet another one. The title?

Gervais_Homework III

Why, you may ask?

Well, after several times where I have deleted things and then intensely regretted it later (I seemed to love being the historian of my own stories and looking back at early versions), I label and keep almost every writing endeavor. Me being the writer I am (Tolkien, remember?), I often have several documents with very similar names: Robin Hood, Robin Hood II, and Robin Hood III, for example. (Topped off by Robin Hood IV_Homework, which is accompanied by the several dozen Forest of Lies documents.)

Gervais is Homework III, because this shall be my third attempt to pull together what has been The Bow and Etched in Black. For now, this new version is simply Gervais. We'll see where it goes.

I am hopeful, though. Betsy Flowain went through five--yes, five--Runaway Castle documents before it turned into Betsy Flowain, the fifth and final Runaway Castle. Robin Hood, as stated before, went through four transformations, finally coming to Forest of Lies.

This is now The Bow/Etched in Black/Gervais's third attempt. I have put more words (over 100,000) into this book than any of the others, I think, and have gotten almost nowhere. Maybe, finally, I have come to rest where the book really belongs. If not, the trial and error continues.

I seem to have more ideas for this than for the screenplay I was so certain about a week ago...pray that whichever project I am supposed to do becomes very evident quite soon. Also, I'm fighting constant reminders of the contest and trying to remember what's really important.

So, Gervais. Let's see what you can do, eh?


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Katie Oostman said...


Writers, we are doomed to second and third and 100th guessing.
That is an interesting concept, Tolkein or Lewis. I haven't decided quite what I am yet, I'll let you know. Maybe the Lord is planting a seed. Only His time will tell what it grows into.

<3 Inky

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