Thursday, January 6, 2011

I really don't like synopses

Especially the way they're pluralized. Synopses? Ick. Anyway, I've been saying for awhile now that I really ought to have a synopsis of Gervais's story, currently titled Worthless. Here is my first attempt, which I will probably trash. The problem I'm having is trying to tell enough without giving it all awhile, and also finding a way to weave my themes into the whole thing, instead of just popping up randomly at the end.

Anyhow, though, it's about time you were told at least a rough explanation of what I'm up to...

Gervais returns to Nottingham from a fruitless search to find his home devastated and his adopted family hiding in the woods. When his friend and adopted brother, Edwin, is captured, he promises Edwin’s sister that he will find and rescue him if it is at all possible. The hunt gets off to a poor start when a mysterious and violent girl insists on helping him, Edwin’s sister insists on coming along, and a Jewish woman gets tangled up in their affairs.

But that is only the beginning. Finding their way across a terrified England, derived of her churches, in the dead of winter is both treacherous and sometimes deadly. It becomes evident that they are being followed, and that whoever has Edwin sees the whole chase as a game. Can Gervais convince a despairing girl of her worth and a searching woman of Christ’s love when he is beginning to doubt it himself? Or will he sink and step down when what he loves best is taken away from him?


Work in progress. 2,445 words and counting!


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