Tuesday, April 26, 2011

For All His Faults...

...I really love this guy. Yes, this most-likely fictional guy.

"Why then, here and now Robert Fitzooth, Earl of Huntingdon, ceases to be. You have called me Robin Hood: both you and your Sheriff--yes and Prince John himself shall live to fear that name. And not only you, but all those like you: the abbots and bishops who grow fat on the sufferings of the poor; the Norman knights and barons who break both the King's law and the law of God in their cruelties and oppressions--yes, and all their kind shall go in terror so long as Robin Hood reigns in Sherwood Forest: in Sherwood, and wherever else wrongs need to be righted--until King Richard comes home from the Crusade and there is justice once more in this fair land of England."

~Robin Hood, The Adventures of Robin Hood by Roger Lancelyn Green


P.S. I am sorry for the sad neglect of this blog. It is unfortunately likely to continue until mid-June or July--as as soon as I get finals out of the way, I am going to the land of Robin Hood--merry England.
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