Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Birthday...Blog

Seemed a bit anti-climatic, to me. Happy Birthday Me? Happy Birthday Blog? Whatever...

Anyway, 1 year ago in the midst of the Iowa Young Writers' Workshop, I started up this blog! My first post isn't actually that far different from where I've gone since...I'm still Nai, talking endlessly about Robin Hood and writing. (I even still haven't figured out an easy way to embed videos.)

So...thanks to my readers and followers, who either have put up through my stumbling first steps or have just fallen upon me at this time when I'm (the slightest bit) more confident and sure of myself and what I want to talk about.

Some fun (?) stats...

This is my 82nd post. Not quite the 100 I was aiming for, but not bad for writing during a Junior year, I should think.

This blog has 5,130 pageviews. Not taking into account that it took me awhile to figure out I could turn my own OFF...and considering that I spent a lot of time tinkering with design in the beginning, that number should lose a couple hundred to be completely accurate.

2010 August was the month of highest pageviews, followed by March 2011 and then June 2011.

Most pageviews have come from the United States, but a decent amount are from Haiti and Canada.

I most frequently tag things with the word WRITING. Go figure.

Most of you have been ensnared via the OYAN Forum (bwaha), while the second-most (second-most?) have come from Facebook.

You guys really like To OYANers, having viewed it 138 times. Lots of you must also wonder why in the world I don't like fantasy, because you've viewed that 89 times.

I am STILL trying to bring out Forest of Lies Draft IV. Wait, you didn't want to know that, did ya?

Again, a thanks to the blogging world and my readers! You're what makes this stuff fun. I'm looking forward to this next year!


Robin Hood cake image from this place.

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