Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I am a Traitor

Really, I am. I just realized this. And I figured it's about time I let you all know. Why am I a traitor? Well, this:

It's a banner. A banner for my new book. Which is not, unfortunately, Worthless renamed.It's completely different.

And it's completely sci-fi.

Well, maybe not completely. But definitely related in no way to Robin Hood, medieval England, and historical fiction. It's futuristic, dystopian.

I know, painful, isn't it? Here I go and blog for a year about writing historical fiction and Robin Hood and all that good stuff...and then my brain goes and thinks up this.

But wait! Don't run or panic. I'm still studying 12th century England AND even putting together my own history curriculum to help me out in my senior year. Yes, I WILL be sharing any juicy info I find with you all--after all, you're part of the plan too. Part of my curriculum is blogging. I know, I'm a homeschooler, I have epicly awesome parents who let me do things like that. I'll be making my dress, I'll be reading books, watching Great Courses lectures, and letting you know where to look for the thin, scarcely-researched time frame called 12th century England (and 11th and 13th, because I can't resist the lure of the Magna Carta and the Norman Invasion). I might even dig further into theories about the Robin Hood legend. And, of course, I'll still be READING Robin Hood. Old habits die hard, you know.

I just thought you should know that amidst the year of becoming a greater scholar on 12th century England and the great outlaw, I will be writing sci-fi. I will be writing Quintessence. At least, I think I will.

I never really know with God. I think he pointed out to me that Gervais story was on the wrong track and that I'd have to back up and rethink it, and then I think he nudged me towards this new one. I never know when he'll nudge me back again.

So you see, I'm not really a traitor. I'm just trying to follow His will and write for Him. Because although Quintessence is in no way related to medieval England, Robin Hood, and historical fiction (besides the way it uses Hamlet), it's completely related to God (and adventure. Nothing is adventure if you know where you're going!). It's about Truth. The value of Man. The sovereignty of our Lord. The costs of Truth and the rewards.

And what a great weapon it is. The greatest. Everything evil comes from a lie, from believing a lie. Everything good comes from Truth and believing the Truth.

So yes, I'm a traitor. But only a traitor to my "historical fiction writer" label. Because, you see, there's another label that overrides everything else. Know what that one is?



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