Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekend Fun: 13 Random Things About Me

I’ve been pretty serious lately, so now it’s time for some fun. At least, I hope it’ll be fun. You readers see a lot of what’s on my heart and mind, but what about those quirky externals? Well, here are some of those.

1. I have one kitty named Holly, who is sleek, black, tiny but long, and good ol’ farm-cat stock. No, I don’t live on a farm. She’s adorable and sweet and is the most NON-independent cat I’ve ever seen.

2. I have seven younger siblings. Six girls, one boy (smack in the middle!). Yes, he has a hard time finding people to throw a football with him, but on the plus side, he has a LOT of girls to giggle at his jokes.

3. I’m a huge Lord of the Rings fan. I will defend Frodo Baggins as one of the most amazing characters ever until the very death. That’s because I read the books, folks. Two dozen times, probably. (Not dissing the movies...they’re awesome...they’ve just given Frodo a bad name.)

4. I’m horrible at keeping a journal or diary. I have a really nice journal I bought for has about 200 pages...I’ve written in about half...and I started it in May 2007. Yes, I am THAT bad.

5. I spent more money on Shakespeare memorabilia than anything else while I was in England.

6. I own 5 copies of Hamlet (four books, 1 DVD), three copies of The Chronicles of Narnia (2 book sets, 1 Radio Theatre set), and 12 copies of various Robin Hoods (8 different book versions, 2 that are doubles, 1 TV season, 1 movie). I also co-own 5 Doctor Who seasons.

7. I grew up on VeggieTales, Dr. Suess, Adventures in Odyssey, Liberty’s Kids, and Narnia.

8. I have a fencing foil on my wall. Be afraid.

9. I have played violin for 8 years and adore being in orchestra. I am, however, taking a break this year.

10. I saw Much Ado About Nothing with David Tennant and Catherine Tate and IT. WAS. AMAZING.

11. One Year Adventure Novel changed my life.

12. I’m not ginger.

13. I really, really love blogging.

God bless your weekend!


Charlotte Grace said...

YAY!! VeggieTales! :)

Hannah said...

That's some cool facts. I gotta say that number 2 caught my eye. BECAUSE I'm in the exact same predicament! LOL Well at the moment sister #6 is due this week. My only brother is just below me actually. Pretty cool! :D I love blogging to. I could share my blog with you if you'd like. I think I only gave my book blog.

Nairam said...

@Charlotte: Oh yes. :)

@Hannah: That is cool! Sure, feel free.

Godsgirl said...

@#7 - So did I :D

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