Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beautiful People: Robin

Well, I haven’t exactly talked about him in awhile, but if you know me well, you know how much I love my character Robin. As in Robin Hood, except “my” version. I say “my” in quotation marks, because he’s the strangest character I’ve had. He came into my head almost fully developed--and yet a mystery. He acted 3-D, but it took a lengthy time for me to crack the outer surface and get to WHY he acted the way he did.

So, now an “interview” of sorts called Beautiful People.

Because he’s also one of the most vocal of my characters, I’m just going to let him speak for himself (mostly because I kept hearing him answer these questions, instead of “coming up” with the answers by thinking!).

1. What is [your] biggest accomplishment?
Robin: Anytime I have stepped completely aside and let my Savior really USE me.

2. What is [your] strongest childhood memories?
Robin: Strongest? Does that mean fondest, or the things I really remember the most? Because I doubt you’d like to hear what I remember strongly. But fondly...time spent with my mother, and running wild over Locksley’s lands and Sherwood forest, toy bow in hand.

3. What is [your] favorite food?
Robin: The kind that you eat. And then don’t throw up.
Me: Robin, that’s gross.
Robin: It’s true! YOU didn’t have to survive the great “What Exactly Contaminated Much’s Stew?” incident...
Me: Can you be a little 21st century and just answer the question the way they’re expecting?
Robin: First I’m too 21st century when talking to you, and now not enough...but all right. I do like venison.
Me: Is it the flavor or a bit of your daring side showing through?
Robin: Moving on.

4. Do [you] believe in love at first sight?
Robin: No. Love is a commitment and an investment. Attraction at first sight? Definitely. But not real love.

5. What kind of home do [you] live in?
Robin: Depends on which part of my life you’re talking about. Beginning? A comfortable manor. Later, two different castles--prisons to me. After escape, green. And muddy. And hot and cold and green some more. [laugh] That is, a forest. Quite a bit later, a small house, sometimes a manor.

6. What do [you] like to wear?
Robin: Clothes.

7. What would [you] do if [you] discovered [you] were dying?
Robin: What I am now, except better. Serving others, loving those close to me. Seeking to glorify my savior in everything I do.

8. What kind of holidays, or traditions do [you] celebrate?
Robin: I know, but my author doesn’t (something about needing to research that more. I’ve heard that a thousand times.), so now we have a paradox of a dilemma where I can’t answer you.

9. What do your other characters have to say about [him]?
From Forest of Lies...
Will Scarlett: “He’s a bit odd, but I can trust him to make good decisions and stick to what he’s intended to do...”

Marian: “You let them think you sane, do you not?”

Ralph Murdoc: “He is a heretic, Lady Marian.”

Much: “You’re impossible.”

10. If [you] could change one thing in [your] world, what would it be?
Robin: There would be no more orphans, physically or emotionally.


ZNZ said...

I love your Robin so much!

Nairam said...

Aw, thanks. I do too. :)

Taylor Lynn said...

Haha, that was fun to read! I particularly enjoyed the little argument you had for question three. ;) And I loved Robin's answer to question six. LOL! Great job, Nairam!

Nairam said...

Oh, you haven't heard nothin' yet. Nai and Robin arguing become something of my trademark on the OYAN forum.


Really, though, it's basically cheating to use Robin on ANY character developing thing. :P I don't even have to think. It just comes out. I should've used Hywel, but I didn't wanna. *rebellious* Maybe next month. Or again in a couple of weeks. >:D

Taylor Lynn said...

Haha, well, half the time in Beautiful People I'm making up facts about my characters as I go along, so it's all good. ;D It's very useful for character development! And if you decide to use Robin, well, then you can consider it a) confirming that you know your character in and out, and b) introducing him to us. So, like I said, it's all good! ;)

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