Sunday, August 14, 2011

First Words

Quintessence is currently 52 days old. I finished chapter 4 a few days ago. Also, today is the day before official PANIC DAY of OYANers Everywhere (aka, the OYAN contest deadline). So, in the midst of my usual cheerings-on, I have this thought.

Well, I have about 366 days until next year's contest. I need to have Quintessence written and edited by that time. I'd better get cracking. Here I come, Chapter 5!!

Hywel:I'm not ready for chapter 5!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that's the first unbidden commentary of Hywel's popping into my head. He's probably the earliest character of mine to do that. Of course he would be arguing with me.

My response? (After I jump up and down because he's chatting with me already.)

Oh, that's what you think. Who said you're in charge?

[Hywel's smarty-pants but unoriginal comeback edited out]

P.S. Sorry I disappeared off the face of the earth. Actually, I was in North Carolina, which is probably less exciting. Hope to be posting more soon!

1 comment:

Godsgirl said...

Oh no...the official panic day is...HERE!!! But praise God I got my entry in this morning :D

*laughs* Aren't charries awesome? *grins*

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