Saturday, August 6, 2011

Weekend Fun: I Want a Butterfly Room (and the Saga of Selling a House)

A Story (Almost) In Pictures.

Something You Should Know: I consider myself a girly tom-boy. I like to look pretty, like dresses...and then like things like Robin Hood, Lord of the Rings, and Hamlet. Conflicted? Maybe. But I don't usually ask for butterfly rooms...

So, my second-to-littlest sister had a birthday on the 31st. She turned six. You should know something about birthdays in Nai's family: IF we have guests, they're cousins. Since our cousins moved away, we now basically have family-only parties. We don't have many presents. And they're always themed and highly-decorated, especially with a kid in this age range.

Adelle wanted a flag cake and butterfly decorations. Okay, can do. For the first time in forever, I raided the marker box and got to work on the print-out butterflies myself (our printer is black and white--so we have to find coloring pages and color them for the decorations!). I probably spent 3 hours coloring and cutting out butterflies (I had a lot of fun). And you know what? Small colored and cut-out butterflies are adorable. See:

So, butterflies went up all over our dining room. As we put them up, I mentioned that I had decided I wanted a butterfly room. I mentioned taping butterflies all over my room, or painting them all over my room, or coloring them all over my room. I just had this whim. So, have party, take down decorations (we're trying to sell the house, so it's best NOT to have that kind of thing up for too long!). Second-oldest little sister takes all my little butterflies (and then some). I go into my room to this:

Oh look, you get to see my tiny-but-I-love-it blue room.


And my Doctor Who fandom.

And my foil, Robin Hood, Narnia, Hamlet, and MORE Doctor Who fandom!

And more Doctor Who fandom. Sheesh...oooh, and see that binder? That be the first two chapters of Quintessence. Yep. And the bottle? It came all the way from England. I bought it in Tesco. When it had lemonade in it.

Then, we got a call for a showing today (which was later canceled...yeah, I'm upset), so I had to take my butterflies down.

My room is boring again. And no, that circle on the wall isn't there in real life.

But where did I put the butterflies?

In here, on top of my Hamlet game. Haha! I still have them!! Take THAT showing people!

So yeah. I still kinda want a butterfly room...


Sandy said...

-laughs- That's awesome.

Charlotte Grace said...

Yay for butterflies!
Anyway, for my actual point, we (my sister and me) are going to try the OYAN program this year!!

Nairam said...

@Sandy: I thought so. Obviously. :D

@Charlotte Grace: Awesome!! Big fan of that curriculum (probably pretty obviously). You can find me on the forum under this same name--Nairam! Feel free to contact me. :) Highly suggest the forum, too. Helpful and encouraging community. Lots of fantasy writers, too! (Though it's actually beginning to even out genre-wise...)

Hannah said...

Fun stuff :) Things like that make me wish I was a little kid again, you know? When life was worry-free and...easy =P
I like that blue color in your room. :)

Godsgirl said...

Your room is super awesome Nai! But I know how it feels when those showing people come to invade your awesome-ness. It is happening to me too :D

@Charlotte Grace's comment: I too highly reccomend OYAN and the forum! I love it and it has been a huge blessing to me. You can look me up on the forum as Godsgirl95, if you ever need anything :)

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