Monday, August 1, 2011

Poll Results!

So, I think my poll officially closed Saturday or Sunday evening; I honestly can't remember which. are the results. (As I am soon to take it down--I dislike sidebar clutter, which is why things disappear from time to time as I decide I don't really need them.)

I had 11 voters and they could each pick more than one thing (which I believe several of them did).

3 (27%)
Christianity in Writing
7 (63%)
Researching Historical Fiction
2 (18%)
Historical Fiction Resources
1 (9%)
Writing and Writers
7 (63%)
My Writing/Characters
9 (81%)
Fiction I Like (and Why)
6 (54%)
What Happened to Your Robin Hood Posts and Reviews?!
1 (9%)
1 (9%)

(Does it bother anyone else that those percentages don't add up to 100%? Not sure exactly how blogger is calculating, here...I guess maybe percentage of voters that voted for that particular option? *uses calculator* I'm genius. *is not bothered anymore*)

I honestly had no idea that My Writing/Characters (9) would score so high. Apparently, I should get back in the habit of catching those flying thoughts about my writing process, characters, and books...because currently I have about .3 ideas for what exactly to blog about in that aspect. I haven't really done any characters since my Robin post a ages ago. Not sure if I know enough about Hywel to talk about him for 500 words yet...we'll see.

Writing and Writers (7) I think I do...and recently I've been on a Christianity and Writing (7) kick, so that worked out well. I have a few more posts on that rolling around in my head but they're a bit stubborn about coming out...

Fiction I Like and Why (6): Ohhh, dangerous, there, dangerous. I'm a re-reader of the books I adore (I'm about 3 times as likely to read a book I know I like than to venture into the unknown), so I get a bit fanatical (mainly: Narnia, Lord of the Rings, and Hamlet). Actually, I did an (unfinished) series of posts on my other (dead) blog at one point on Hamlet-the-wondrous. Sure you want to encourage that?

Christianity (3): Kind of fits with what I blog about. Kind of seeps into all of my posts anyway, too!

Researching Historical Fiction (2): Oooh, whine time!! >:D Actually, I've thought about posting a "rewards of historical fiction" post for quite some time. Maybe I'll do that for my 2/11 that asked me for that.

And Resources (1) and Other (1): Well, I'll have to restrain myself on resources, then. Maybe I don't have that many actual historical fiction novelists reading at this time...or at least not my time period.

Also, it seems no one (except maybe Mig) is missing my Robin Hood posts (1), so I guess it's time I stopped feeling guilty about that.

Thanks to everyone who voted on my poll! It's given me some good food for thought in the way of my whole Operation: You focus that I've tried to keep up.

Don't worry--I'm hoping to churn out some more substantial posts this week, too! Thanks for voting and thanks for reading. I really do appreciate it.


Taylor Lynn said...

How smart of you for figuring out the percentage strangeness! I probably wouldn't have put that much thought into it... if I'd noticed, I probably would have said, "Oh well, it's just Blogger being weird," and left it at that. xD It seems like your satisfied with the results of your poll, though, which is good! And I definitely agree about sidebar clutter, I feel the same way. :)

Yorrick said...

Ah, polls! The umpteenth danger to the muse, I take it?

;) Not that bad, I should hope.

Nevertheless, this "Operation: You" thing has me worried. You don't even know who we all are, yet you are trying to please us? Strange, despite my enjoyment of having a say in your blog content. Still, it feels a little off-kilter . . .

I think my point is this: God does not ask Christians to *please* others. He asks them to help Him show the way. If you wrote your book off of a bunch of polls, I can almost guarantee the book would be worth nothing. Because it wouldn't be about what God is telling you--or even what you try to tell others. It's what others tell you. It's what the world tells you. And nothing good can come of that.

So, if I have not been too bold already, I encourage you to write your 'blog entries as you do your stories. From your heart. From a flawed heart, yes, but one that is endeavoring towards light. No amount of plans or polls will delight us more than *your* story, well told, here on your 'blog. From *your* perspective, not ours. And please believe me when I say that *that* story is the inspiring adventure that we are breathless to hear.

Very sincerely,

Nairam said...

@Yorrick: Don't worry, I am. Just don't want to get TOO obsessed with myself and my own doings. There's danger there, too. ;) But all of the Christian-themed stuff currently is *definitely* on my heart!

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