Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Week of OYAN: To OYANers (Repost)

I wrote this last year and posted it the day of the contest deadline. Lots of OYANers loved it, and it has firmly remained my top-visited page since it was posted. Plus, I still mean it. Rock it, OYANers!

To OYANers

Because you dare.

You dare to write a novel in 9 months.

You dare to Mean Something in a meaningless world.

You dare to show Truth.

You dare to stare at a piece of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.

You dare to stumble around, trying to make characters come alive.

You dare to make them suffer, to make the Something to Want worth something.

You dare to create conflict.

You dare to try to knock over your Something to Learn with a sledgehammer.

You dare to make your Black Moment black.

You dare to make the characters you love hate you.

You dare to make the Showdown the toughest thing yet.

You dare to make it a Battle of Ideals.

You dare to let your story leave the perfect sanctuary of your mind and come out into the imperfect world of letters, words, and sentences.

You dare to share it with the World of Writers, to learn how to make it better.

You dare to go back to your squalling brain-child, to edit and revise.

You dare to forego adverbs, passive voice, and expostulated.

You dare to lose some hair in the process.

You dare to then submit it to judges, to let others see your words, your heart.

You dare to write the adventure of a lifetime.

And then, you dare to do it again.

Because, you know, the world doesn’t end on August 15th.

There are more stories to be written and more hair to lose.

And loads more to dare.

Love to all,



Sandy said...

I still love this as much as I did last year =) It's massively encouraging.

Nairam said...

Glad to hear it. :)

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