Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Fun: OYAN (A Poem)

Yes, I should've posted it for "OYAN week," but, frankly, I forgot it existed. Now enjoy or cringe at my attempt at poetry, circa 2008.

Dedicated to Mr. Schwabauer--thank you so much!

First it was the age,
The type,
The point of view!

Now it’s take away my “retorted”,
My lovely, lacy, tragically!
The big grey elephant also most go!

What will be next?
Nouns, prepositions?
Must I type with my elbows?

Why is “was + ing” banned?
Are you sure it is just not of selfish spite?
Grinding my prose into short words, un-clich├ęd phrases, and the repetitive “said”?

Forever planning, never writing!
Why the unexpected details?
Why do they matter?
Why not skip over and add them in later?

Must I keep this up?
I will not!
My words will not be destroyed by your evil plot!

My mentor will not die in chapter 9!
I will not write in first person!
I will use “expostulated”, “was”, and “ly”!
What’s it to you? Why do you care?

But now I look at what I’ve already written...
Devoid of “was” and “ly”, full of “said”,
Straight to the point, invigorating, exciting!

I type in a flurry;
I’m amazed to see the cascade of average words turn into the scene of my head!
I care for my hero, despise my villain!
The suffering works--not one of my characters likes me!

I see the sense of “Bob leaned against the wall”,
Compared to my old and stagnant “Bob was leaning”!
The reduction of “ly” fires my imagination!
The unexpected details put me into my story, a fascinating, amazing place!

I guess I’m saying...
By golly, OYAN works!


Sandy said...

-dies laughing- That's so great! XD

Haniya said...

XD I remember this poem! :D It's awesome!

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