Thursday, September 1, 2011


Since it seems a little lame not to post at the beginning of a new month (I don't know why it does...just does), here is a post.

Ta-da! It is September.
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(This is getting lamer by the second, isn't it?)

Anyway, I chose that 'cause he has what looks like school stuff and I'm actually pretty excited about school--especially since I finally finished Churchill a couple of days ago and can get started on the 11th-13th century English study. Which, being the history buff I am, I'm pretty ecstatic about. (If only my online AP courses would start--I'm getting antsy waiting for them!)

Also, on Labor Day, I'm going to an extended edition Lord of the Rings marathon. First I'm trying to finish reading Lord of the Rings, and I have 430ish pages to go. Sounds monstrous, but after Churchill reading it is a breeze. It helps that I'm hopelessly in love with it and have already read at least two dozen times (strange for the anti-fantasy person, isn't it?).

Anyway, I'll undo the lameness of this post by posting a picture of The Doctor. Then I'll seem like more of a nerd or a geek or whichever. (See, I don't even know.)

"Did I mention the rhinos?"


Grace said...

Did you see that? There are these space...rhino...things! I mean RHINOS from SPACE! And we're on the moon! I'm only here for my bunions, and look...the nurses were lovely, I said to my wife, I'd recommend this place to anyone--but then we end up on the moon! And did I mention the rhinos?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THE LORD OF THE RINGS! I haven't seen the extended editions yet, but I so, so want to. Maybe I can ask for them for Christmas...

And the books are fantastic, too! I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day marathon!

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