Thursday, September 22, 2011

September's Beautiful People: Robin (Again)

(Apologies in advance for this ridiculous post. I'm working on more productive things. I promise.)

So...Hywel doesn't really fit these. And I've been thinking about Robin lately. (Like you all couldn't tell that.) And I am, perhaps, lazy. Definitely obsessed, anyway.

Here's what I'm doing, by the way.

Here's last month's BP post (really liked the questions on this one!).

And now that I've dragged Robin back (don't ask how he gets away, that's confusing), I'll get to this month's questions!

1. Do they have any habits, annoying or otherwise?
Marian: Oooh, let me answer this one.
Much: No, me me me!
Me: How the heck did you all get here?
Marian: It was hearing "what makes Robin annoying."
Robin: That's not what it says.
Much: Robin is annoying because he's married to his bow.
Marian: Hey.
Much: ...and won't try anything else, in spite of legends of his wondrous skill with the quarterstaff and sword as well. And he picks obnoxious girls to like.
Robin: Singular, thank you.
Marian: *bops both* MY opinion is that he picks obnoxious friends like certain towering, shaggy-headed sword-wielders with weird names.
Me: Okay, this is degrading quickly. *kicks Marian and Much out* Apparently they can't read what the question actually says.
Robin: I noticed that.
Me: My two-cents is that he has an annoying habit of being gentlemanly obnoxious. I don't know how he does it.
Robin: Yay me.

2. What is his backstory and how does it affect him now?
The problem with some of these questions is that answering them would give away things that I don't want to give away. I'll go with general. Robin's past was very, very hard and the result is he has a tendency to be very solemn and care-worn for his young age. (A certain lady brings out some interesting things in him, though.)
Marian: *smirk*
He does have a very clear idea of who he is and wants he wants to do, though--real purpose in life at a young age too, though he often struggles with how he can be worth anything as a human soul.

3. How does he show love?
Not very well. He's very, very guarded. He was hurt in a lot of ways from an early age and is terrified of opening up to people.

4. How competitive is he?
Not very, unless it has to do with archery.
Much: I swear it brings out the worst in him.
Robin: Let me insert here that I did NOT go to that infamous archery contest.
Marian: No, you just knocked my hat off.
Robin: *cough*
Me: Moving on...

5. What do they think about when nothing else is going on?
I...honestly don't know.
Robin: You probably don't want to.
Marian: *hug*

6. Do they have an accent?
Um. Sorta. Seeing as, if you heard him talk in his real language, it would sound (look?) something like this:
Robin: Ic mæl æfterield englisc.
Me: AAAAAH! Yes.
Robin: Ic scolde mæl efenlæcung þes éaca.
Me: Okay, stop that.
Robin: You don't even know if the grammar's right.
Me: Complications of a character this old living in your head, let me tell you.

7. What is their station in life?
Outlaw and general person of awesome.
Robin: That's not a station. >.>
Me: It is now. >:D

8. What do others expect from them?
Much: Laughs.
Marian: Care.
Will: Passion.
Much: Yes.

9. Where were they born, and when?
Near Nottingham, England in 1173 AD.

10. How do they feel about people in general?
Robin: They like to tease me.
Me: That's 'cause we like you.
Robin: People either live in truth or lies, and this affects the way they live their lives. They're frightening, but precious. God give me the strength to love them all.


Annie said...

1. I like Robin. ^_^

2. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, MUUUUUCH. <3

3. How did Will get in there?

Nairam said...

1. Me too. :P

2. Much: Annieeeeeee.
Me: >.> *shoves out*

3. I said: "hey Will, say something."

So he did.

The Director said...

Oh man, I JUST found you through Beautiful People about two minutes ago. I got as far as "Much: Robin is annoying because he's married to his bow." Before I cracked up, and HAD to follow you :)

Anyway, just had to say you're awesome. I'm gonna finish reading your post now....

Nairam said...

I forgot to respond to you on my own blog, but...I'm glad you enjoy Much, at very least. Unless its Robin you're laughing at. Either way. Glad to amuse. ;)

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