Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vlog Poll, Essays, Ren Fest...

Because you're all lining up to vote
on an online poll. Ha.
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At least one of you has noticed the poll I put up last night, underneath my About Me. I thought I'd post and let you know I'm making no promises (for one thing, I'll have to ask my dad), and I can't really promise anything very exciting at this point besides hearing my voice and showing you my Robin Hood book collection or something. Yeah, that would be boring.

Anyway, if you have any ideas about things I MIGHT do IF I get the permission, the wherewithal, and the guts to do it (not to mention people actually being interested), feel free to post.

I'm working on editing three essays today for an application due I have an AP Economics essay to do sometime tomorrow since I'm off to the Ren fest again after a wonderful Math SAT Subject Test (HAHA) on Saturday.

In other words, expect no post tomorrow. I will work on becoming regular (and more interesting) again next week.

Thank you for your patience or at least the courtesy of not nagging me.


Annie said...

Ha, I feel special and hip for having voted on the poll before the post came up. *dons sunglasses* :P

Anywho, a vlog would be amazing.... And I'm fine with hearing your voice and seeing the Robin Hood books. Perhaps we could get a progress update on the costume dress thing? And you should point a sonic screwdriver at the camera in true Doctor Who fashion. *nod*

Yeah, I'm not much for coming up with ideas. Good luck with your essays!

Nairam said...


Hey, good idea about the dress! Even though I haven't made progress yet. I WILL have in a couple of weeks, because I'm going to my grandmothers to do a muslin version (she thought we should get a crack at the pattern in something less expensive than silk, which goes at about $20/yard. @.@)

*makes note to steal siblings' sonic screwdriver*

Godsgirl said...

*likes Annie's idea* I don't know of anything else except...just be you! :D

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