Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Have Moved Up in the World


(Robin is mine, Doctor is Grace's and yes they're cutting open a banana. It's a long story.)
(No, Robin is not magical. That'd be camera flash. This is the Richard Greene Robin Hood, which I have only seen a couple of episodes of. It was $2.90 and brand new, so I bought it. I'll be watching more. And then, of course, I finally own a DVD version of the wonderful Disney rendition. Ah, memories.)
BAHAHAHAHAHA! Now I'm sonic. Totally sonic. I'm sonic'd up!
And last but not least...
Just LOOK at my archery glove. And my quiver! MY QUIVER!! *hugs quiver* I finally have a quiver and a glove that are actually worth something. Don't ask how much I spent on the quiver. <3 <3 quiver...

And yes I use a recurve. I'm horrible. (Though in fairness, I got it for a Christmas present. I probably would've bought one anyway. They shoot arrows further even with wimpier arm muscles.)

Oh, and photo by my grandfather, who is (obviously) a marvelous professional photographer. (My senior pictures = posing with weapons and books. Isn't that so me?)

Happy Nai.


Sandy said...

-laughing- This totally made my day. XD

The Director said...

That's so awesome! :D :D :D

(That first pic was epic, btw.)

Nairam said...


@The Director: We actually have a 16-picture narrative. >.>

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