Monday, October 31, 2011

Reformation Moving Day!

Okay, so it's not usually called that at my house. But this year, moving day happens to have fallen on Reformation Day (before you ask, no, I'm not Lutheran, though I am protestant). When this posts, it could be that my family will already be frantically waking up and getting ready for a second day of truck-loading.

I'm not sure how posting will go for the first couple of weeks in November. I'll be at my grandparents' for a few days and then unspecified places for a few more, before finally moving into my house (with no 'net) on the 7th.

So we'll see how it goes.

In the meantime, happy Reformation Day!

My family has never actively participated in Halloween, beyond handing out candy a few years, or the church substitutes, but rather our own invention of McDonald's Day, which involved playplaces, ice cream, and sometimes a bag of jolly ranchers.

A few years ago we got an email informing us that October 31st was actually the day Martin Luther nailed up the 95 Theses. Along with the email came a "treasure hunt" through the house and Luther's life, abridged version. It also involves watching Luther (2003) and, still, McDonald's. We probably won't get to all of those things this year, but Luther's still on the list.

Roots and arguments against Halloween aside (though my friend Laura has several posts on this subject), celebrating October 31st as a day of Truth instead of Death and Darkness sounds like a good idea to me. Luther was human, and I likely don't agree with everything he said (though if I remember correctly, I did basically agree with the 95 theses), but his stand for his beliefs is admirable, and the affect on church history and the world immense.

Happy Reformation Day, and "see" you all in a few days or weeks!


Annie said...

Neato! Safe travels to you and yours!

FYI, the 2003 Luther is absolutely lovely. Definitely recommend it.

Nairam said...


I know; it's one of my favourite movies.

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