Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Writers Must Write

Who knew, right?

Actually, there's a bit more substance to this then it might seem. Way back in June I posted on Nine Easy Ways to Kill Your Muse, which was mostly me just poking fun at procrastination. But as I've come in and stared at my dashboard every day since posting my Ren Fest pictures, I've displayed exactly the first way to kill the muse:

Only write when s/he comes. Muses are shy, spontaneous creatures. If you don’t ever force them to do anything, they will shrivel up like raisins.

My novel-writing muse has been doing just fine. As has my essay muse, actually. (I know, I know, sacrilege!!) But my blogging muse is looking quite like a raisin ever since I took that break to write essays. While I had ideas for posts overflowing after the months of August and September, I find myself grinding to a halt in October.

Granted, I also have school and more apps and a move across the country on my mind, and frankly writing Quintessence has rated higher.

My experience as a writer has been that it's very easy to stop writing. To avoid it, even. It's bizarre the number of silly things I can find to do (or just "not doing" anything) to avoid the laptop. It makes it even more ridiculous considering how much I love writing. Why does internet-cruising, for example, always look so much more attractive?

I do find, though, that if I am actively writing, I'm more likely to write. I don't get to write every day, but maybe every other day. If it's been a week, though, I'm more likely to try to avoid it.

I don't actually take much stock in muse. It's a ridiculous, vain, and unhelpful creature that only shows up about one tenth of the time you feel like you  need it, and then it doesn't ever provide as much inspiration as it promises. I've found I find way more inspiration in just writing actively, for however long the schedule allows.

This is a little more scattered than I usually like my posts to be, but hey, I'm giving the blog-post-writing part of my brain a bit of a shake. True, helpful inspiration comes from work, not from avoiding it.


Anonymous said...

I am a horrible procrastinator. At least you write at least once a week normally.

Godsgirl said...

Oh my yes. I'm the same way. Internet crusing is my biggest enemy.

molly.elizabeth said...

I just found your blog! :)

Nairam said...

@Sophia: Not always! Sometimes I get in kicks and do really well for awhile (I have been for a couple of months), and then I slow down now.

@Godsgirl: It's weird--not only is it a time waster, but it also seems to suck dry imagination for me. I always need to write *before* getting on the internet, or my writing juice is a goner. It's kind of strange.

@molly.elizabeth: Hi! Welcome. I hope you like it here. :)

Yorrick said...

Ah--I wondered what inspired all the new eye candy around here. Looking good, by the way.

Smashing visuals aside, it's even better to see you back on track. Good luck on novel, essay, and 'blog, withal.


Nairam said...

Aw, thanks. I'm glad someone enjoys it besides me. ^.^

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