Friday, November 25, 2011

Hiatus (and Doctor Who pictures)

Not that I haven't kind of unofficially started this already, but it bothers me when other bloggers drop off the face of the earth without warning and for weeks, so here's the proclamation.

Awesome picture that has nothing to do with this post (except I haven't watched Doctor Who in a month. *sniff*). I don't know who drew it, but you're awesome.
I have stuff to do. Lots of it. Biggest thing being college application deadlines that want to eat me at the moment. I'm hoping that after my trip to New York it'll be better, and I think there's an even better chance after December 15th, but I can't be sure until around the 1st of January that I'll be through with this stuff. It's a bit nuts. I'm applying to 8 colleges (I've done 1 so far), and they basically all have supplements of extra essays. My mom and dad are currently working overtime trying to put together all the homeschool and financial aid stuff together.

I'm trying to still do school while distracted by this, and it's ridiculously hard. Stress doesn't do well for my ability to focus. Maybe I'm easily distracted, but ah well.

Doctor and horse (Alpha).
Anyway. I'm shelving the blog for at least a week or two, possibly until the first of the year, when I definitely plans to come back in, words flying. Could be I'll be able to shoot off a couple in the month of December, but we'll see.

Because Ten can save the world in his jim-jams.
I'm officially putting myself on hold on this so I don't have to feel guilty. I'm still reading blogs ('cause that's easier), so if I'm following you I'll still be around some!

And I'm off. God bless!

P.S. In the meantime, check out these cool blogs:
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Rachelle Gardner
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Sandy said...

"Because Ten can save the world in his jim-jams."


We'll miss you. :)

Josiphine said...

I'm on your 'cool blog' list? Wow! I'm honored, :)

Miranda said...

Thanks for linking to my blog!

Rowan said...

*grins* Thanks for linking me! Sorry you'll be off for a while, I really enjoy reading your blog. :P

Nairam said...

@It's true!

I'll miss writing. :( Then again, I'm not really, anyway...

@Josiphine: Yup. ^.^

@Miranda: You're welcome!

@Rowan: You're welcome! Advertisement is good, yes? XD

Annie said...

Aww, we'll miss you during your blog hiatus. :(

Also, the picture was drawn by the same girl that does Search for the Truth, which is an amazing DW web comic. ^_^

And the Doctor can totally save the world in his jim-jams. :D

Nairam said...

@DoctorJimJams: You know it. 8)

Anonymous said...

Wow, college? How exciting! I can definitely understand why you're feeling stressed, though... eight colleges? Sounds like a lot of applications to me. ;)

Good luck, and I hope you enjoy your trip to New York! :D

Alyianna said...

Thanks for following my blog - I followed yours!

My question is - HOW DID YOU GET THE AWESOME COUNTDOWN TO THE HOBBIT WIDGET?!? Do you have to sign up to the Widget website to get it - because I NEED it! :O

Nairam said...

You're welcome!

Haha--I made it. You don't have to sign up to make them. I rarely do anything that makes me sign up for it. :P

I tried to copy the code for mine into this comment box, but blogger threw a hissy fit. You can go to that website (by clicking "Countdownr") and make your own. It's pretty easy.

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