Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Much Post

Apparently, I'm not the only one that looked at the title of my last post and thought about my character Much. As I seem to have participated in false advertising at very least in Rowan's case, here is a post on Much.

Here is Much.

You will notice there are no defining features. This is not to say he doesn't have them (he has messy brown hair, waits two days past when he SHOULD shave, doesn't care that much about his clothes, has grey eyes, is tall, solid, and nineteen--basically, he and Robin are polar opposites in build). It's to say I do not have a picture of him.

Though actually, someone from the Iowa Young Writers' Studio DID draw him when critiquing my chapter, but I'm too lazy to go find it.

Anyway, he does not have a picture. He would like to know that if any of you are fantabulous artisans or picture-finders, he would be much obliged if you tried, but don't expect "the author" to approve. My excuse is it is very hard to find the RIGHT pictures when a character is fully developed. Find one early on in the process, folks.

I am getting sidetracked. Much is from Forest of Lies and I have only found one person who disliked him. The funny thing is, FoL readers don't even KNOW as much about him as I do, and how awesome he really is. It must be sheer luck that that bled through and everyone got it from osmosis.

Much: Or I'm just too witty to pass up.

Or that.

It's funny about Much, because originally he was actually very annoying. For your FoL-readers out there, he originally acted more like my Will Scarlett. Yes. Bad, huh? Then I wrote one scene where he was completely "out of character" and I discovered that was his real character. Live chat sessions with him also brought out the goofy, sproingy side that you see some of in Forest of Lies.

Much is Robin's closest friend. They knew each other a little as boys, got off badly when Robin originally escaped from the Sheriff, and then grew together after they both turned back to Jesus. He's the second-oldest of a two-boy family, and because of both that position and his sometimes eccentric personality, his father basically ignored him. So he ran off to join outlaws (not Robin) and ended up not liking it that much.

He recovered from his past better and quicker than Robin, partially helped by the fact that he spends so much time supporting and protecting Robin that he doesn't leave time for brooding and feeling sorry for himself. He was actually very attracted to Marian, but when he saw that Robin was too, he backed off.  Their friendship is one of my favorite relationships that I have gotten to write and discover. They really needed each other there for a spell, and it showed. Much's sacrifice in Forest of Lies messed Robin up horribly. And, to keep this from getting more depressing or boring, here he is.

Much: Um. Hi. No, that's boring too. SPROING!!!

That's all you got? Really?

Much: Yeah, I don't know these people. I just promise not to defenestrate any of them.

Okay, I'll take it back then. Some random facts: originally I had a marriage arranged for him and except for Marian, he's a bit scared silly of girls.


I just did.

Much: *pout*

So there ya go, Rowan.


Hannah said...

Much! I love Much! *fangirl moment*

Anonymous said...

Much, you are muchly awesome. :)

Annie said...

A whole Much post? *fangirl squeal* And yes, I totally thought of him with that last title. XD

Lots of things that I didn't know about him in here. *nod* I need to read FoL again sometime with all of this in mind.

Also, the fact that he's afraid of silly girls explains a lot. XD Oh wait. Scared silly OF girls. Yay dyslexia. Either way, it's cool, Much, no big deal. :P

Question: was the marriage you had arranged for him similar to the marriage you had arranged for Alan? :P

Rowan said...

"Or I'm just too witty to pass up." XD

I did read Forest of Lies, even before I joined the forum....and Much was my second favorite character. =) It's great to hear some of his backstory.

Muchly awesome post. :P

Nairam said...

Oh my, all girls. :P

Much: I like AUTHORS. Just not CHARACTERS.

Robin: That makes NO sense.

*pushes both out*

@Annie: I don't know what you mean by my Alan arrangement, since that actually wasn't an arrangement at all...

@Rowan: I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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