Saturday, January 7, 2012

Much's Song

I'm surprised I forgot this in my Much post.

Much may not have a picture, but he does have a song.

(Except I re-discovered the fact that a friend of mine actually drew one of him too...apparently I have a terrible memory.)

Funny story about his song, actually.

Much plays a rebec. According to that Wikipedia article it wasn't mentioned by name until the 14th century, so maybe he actually plays a lyra. At any rate, the original website I found out about it on said it was period appropriate.

I digress. (Again. What's with me and digressing lately?)

Forest of Lies has a scene where Much plays this rebec. I had recently written the first version of this scene when I walked into the room to hear my sister Grace listening to a song. I kinda stopped dead. When it was over, I did something like this: "OHMYWHATISTHAT?!"

Hibernia, Michael W. Smith.

I hadn't written the scene about the music Much played with a particular piece in mind--but that song, THAT was something Much would write. So at my house, this is always considered "Much's song."

Incidentally, several other songs from that same album also remind me of Forest of Lies. They're The Giving (Marian), Freedom (Robin), and Freedom Battle (for some reason, this is so soundtrack-sounding, I see I kinda movie-opening version of Forest of Lies when I listen to it...). They weren't quite the same affect as Much's song (plus Robin and Marian don't play instruments), but they're still pretty special to me. I love music that goes with books and characters.

Sproing and blessings,


Annie said...

I need to listen to this song sometime. *adds it to the "to listen to" list*

Also, was I the one that drew him? Because I just found an old drawing of him. It's terrible. I need to draw him again. And Marian as well. And Alan. And Robin. *nod*

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I LOVE finding songs that go with my characters! I don't think I'm familiar with any of those songs....but Much's song is beautiful! Now I'm even sadder hat he's dead :(

Nairam said...

@Annie: Yes. YAY MORE PICTURES. I really like the Marian one you did. ^.^

@Elizabeth: I'm sorry. :( Hello, by the way! Are you on OYAN? I can't place you.

Hannah said...

Oh I LOVE that song, and it completely fits Much ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel!
Sorry to comment on such an old post, but I've been stalking your blog for a while (MWHUAHAHA! :P)and stumbled upon this post.
I just want to say how amazingly perfect this song is for Much! I could see the scene where he plays his rebec while listening. I love Much so much (no pun intended. :P)! ^_^
I was also wondering what album the song is on, so I could look it up. :)
Keep up the great work on FoL!

Nairam said...

It's Michael W. Smith's "Freedom" CD. It has lots of FoL-y stuff, actually.

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