Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Wonderful World of Editing, Part 2

This post will be more picture-heavy than part 1. You  have been warned.

By the way, I do know that January 5th is not the "tomorrow" of January 3rd. I apologize.

With those two things out of the way, off we go.

I mentioned in part 1 that my "big stuff" tends to go in my notebook, while the smaller things I jot down on my manuscript. I put brackets around poorly phrased sentences or poorly done paragraphs. I generally circle words I don't like--either because they're of the evil was or adverb category--or just because it sounds funny to my reading ear.

I also ask myself a lot of questions. Very appropriate for this book, since that's what Hywel goes through all the trouble for--answers to questions. But with the distance I've gained from it during my break, I'm able to notice stuff that I didn't really think about before. I have a dialogue with myself, basically, that probably comes from turning my inner editor back on. My inner editor is not really very nice to my rough draft, sometimes...for example, I often found myself writing this:

"Meh" could be referring to story-telling techniques, bad sentences, bad dialogue, etc. Eddie is very liberal with "meh."

I just realized how interesting it might be to read those words out of context. MUWAHA. 

Ahem. Some of my favorites of Nai-the-Eddie's comments: 

Is it schizophrenic to make fun of yourself in this fashion? At any rate, I think it denotes a healthy Eddie and a healthy first-drafter.

I suppose it IS schizophrenic to talk to BOTH your first-draft-er side AND your main character, however:

Besides making fun of myself, I also find myself kind of brainstorming in the margins, sometimes. I'll write a question, think of answer, so I write that down too, then I think of an even BETTER way...then I think of another question...(I often find myself bumping into the edge of the paper).

Then to, there is the delicious Xing. I don't know why it's delicious anymore than why I make fun of poor Nai-who-slaved-over-that-first-draft. But I do dearly love crossing out sentences, and putting huge Xs on paragraphs, not to mention pages. (I Xed about a dozen pages of Quintessence.)

I will end this post with what I scrawled across page 168 of Quintessence:

It's not really, of course. It's not the end of editing, of rewriting, or even of Hywel and the rest. I've already brainstormed ideas for a sequel. Though after writing The End on my first novel I haven't typed it since (and don't like the way it looks, anyhow) I really kind of wanted it somewhere. Because, you know, I finished another novel(la). And it's going to be awesome.

Eventually. Since Eddie's currently laughing.


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