Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Write My Own Fan-fiction

It's a little sad, really.

I semi-quickly decided (again) that a third-person change to Forest of Lies wouldn't be what I thought it needed. My Draft IV is finally getting along at nice pace, much to my elation, and it is doing just fine in Marian's voice. It really is her story.

That doesn't keep me from writing random scenes from various points of view. Because although it's Marian's story, lives don't happen in isolated bubbles. Everything's connected. That's why I had quite the learning curve to overcome when I started writing personal essays for colleges. My life didn't HAPPEN in 500-word isolated events.

And neither did Marian's. Everyone around her had a jumble of things he (mostly "he"s, though a couple of "she"s exist) was dealing with, and the interactions between humans are never completely one-sided. Neither is a life truly changed by just one event. Even at my age I can tell that changes tend to come from a bunch of things, some of them you don't even recognize.

So, I write my own fan-fiction. I've written from Robin's POV, from third-person Robin's POV, from Much's POV, third-person Much's POV, Will's POV, and Friar Anselm's POV. In some cases, it's not just one scene--it's several, from all stages of the book, even post- and pre-Forest of Lies.

It's not just a little sad, it's a little ridiculous.

I hope that writing from all of these different angles helps develop the characters and help them seem more real even through Marian's heavily-tinted eyes.

(Sorry, dear, it's true.)

Do any of you write your own fan-fiction? Do you think it has any purpose to fill beyond author-ly whims? And perhaps a desire to get away from the real task at hand...e.g., editing a book after waiting for two years to do so. (Not that I'd EVER do that.)

And now, I'll break a pattern I've held to for awhile and share a piece of my own Forest of Lies fan-fiction (Anselm's POV, because for some reason, I love the way he looks at Robin):

“Robin, stop pacing. You’re making me tired.”

He stopped, tense as a stag on alert, gaze skittering around the forest, avoiding looking at me.

“Out with it, lad,” I said. “I don’t have all day to wait for you to talk.”

His gaze dropped to the ground.

I let a few moments passed and heaved a sigh. “If you don’t talk, I’m going to take you by the back of your tunic and make you take my doctoring.”

“It’s...” he started.

“I need more than one word,” I said.

“Marian,” he said.

I realized I might not need more than one word. “What about her?” I asked, trying not to appear ruffled.

“You know why I took her in.”

“Yes. Your dream and your sympathy.”

That brought his gaze up.

“Don’t deny it, Robin, I know your heart.”

He let out a strange laugh, gaze dropping again.

“What is it, Robin?”

“I like her,” he said.

I blinked. “Does she like you?”

He laughed again, this time bitterly. “Oh no, not at all. And I don’t even know what it is--I’ve never felt this way before. I wish...I wish she would like me.”

The eyes were on me now, those intense blue windows into an intense, lonely soul.

“...ah,” I said.

“She likes Much.”

“Everyone likes Much.”

“Except Will,” Robin reminded me.

“Yes, that,” I said, uncomfortable.

“Please pray for me?” Robin said, clasping his arms across his stomach as if it hurt him.

“I’ll make you a deal,” I said, frowning. “I’ll pray if you let me look at you.”

His eyes filled with tears. “I don’t know what to do,” he whispered.

“God will help you,” I said. “He got you into this, He’ll get you out.”

“I hope so.”

 God bless,


Mercia Dragonslayer said...

*squeak* HURRAH! ROBIN!

*squeakles again* I absolutely love that scene! It's SO like Robin, and I just want to hug him. It also brings back the days when all I wanted to do was be in the same character lounge as Robin. :-/

And yes, I do write fanfiction of my own stories. It's probably not so much backstory and different POVs for some scenes as it is throwing my characters into a different universe. *cough* I wrote everyone's backstory into different novels, all of which are written/not edited, so there isn't anything I can do there. I just put Fallor and Brinian (and others, but mostly those two) in Rennaissance Festivals, getting arrested, meeting the Doctor, etc. I also have a novel-length work that I consider fanfiction because it no longer fits the canon of either universe. In any way, shape, or form.

So yeah. I write fanfiction. Of my own work. XD I should write a blog post on this....

Farjag said...

So much depth in such a short scene!
Hey, Farjag the Lurker here *wave* Been following you since November or so, read FOL Draft III, and was profoundly inspired to make sure my own writing proclaimed Christ Jesus and Him crucified.

Anyways, got excited when about the BP post, but this is even better!
Now, as to your question... I don't think I do, per se. My stories are third person but I stick to one character's view... so writing different viewpoints isn't as effective. I shall have to try it though!

Hannah said...

Robin! Aww. That scene......

I write my own fan fiction too sometimes. It's kind of weird when you stop and think about it, but sometimes I just get to wondering "What if?" so much that I have to write out the "what if?"

Miranda said...

Love it! Just from that one little bit of prose, I love Robin already!

I suppose what I am currently doing with my novel - re-imagining it from Torrson's perspective - is a sort of really-drawn-out fan fiction. ^_^ I could definitely see myself writing my own fan fiction just for the fun of it.

Leah Good said...

*loves* Robin just jumps of the page and begs readers to understand and somehow help him.

Nairam said...

@Mercia: While you've written entire novels of backstory, I've written pieces of the novel ideas of backstory. Maybe I'll get to finish them sometime...perhaps after I get FoL done. (I think I have 11 years on the Tolkien clock left.) Your completely un-canon thing reminds me of character lounges. That's kinda what they are for me, anyway.

@Farjag the Lurker: Haha, hello! I'm glad FoL had such a positive impact...though it would be wrong for me to take credit for it. :)

My "fan fiction" pieces rarely make it into my books, if ever, which is why I call them fan fiction. It actually annoys me sometimes that I can't use them. (I'm pretty sure my FoL third-person push I had is because of my fan fiction...) They are fun to do, though!

@Hannah: Mine are always kind of spur-of-the-moment "what if?"s too. Hence, they are scattered through lots of documents. O.o I should collect them in one...

@Miranda: Since my obsession with Robin's side of the story brought about a point where I was trying to re-do FoL from two POVs, I would agree. Best of luck to you on your re-doing! :)

@Leah: Thanks, Leah. :)

Godsgirl said...

*bottom lip quivers* I want to read FoL so bad!!!

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