Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Writing Prayers Journal

My notebook!
A friend of mine recently gave me a pretty notebook. Because I am a horrible journal-keeper (my current one is about 200 pages, half full, and dates back to May 2007), I knew that wouldn’t be its sad fate. I considered making it my new editing-and-brainstorming-and-all-that-fun-stuff writing notebook, but upon further investigation of my current one, which I thought to be full, I discovered it wasn’t. So, leave me in that dilemma and let’s look at this morning.

I woke straight up out of a dream about the OYAN contest--for some reason, in my dream, there was a tie for first place and then an award for the runner-up. I don’t know who the runner-up was, but I know I didn’t win.

Funny thing was, I woke up about fifteen or twenty seconds before my alarm went off at six. This is peculiar, because though I have been aiming for six a lot lately, I’ve been having trouble getting up at that time even when my alarm wakes me up.

The main reason my alarm is set for six in the first place is because of writing time. Sure, I could start my normal school at that time like my sister, but waking up at six always makes me feel I have more time for writing, and writing often gets skipped if I get up much later.

So. First: writing dream. Then, I wake up just in time for writing, and feel very awake. So as I start in with making my bed and things, I started praying. I prayed for my books, and my essay for King’s, and about my dream. I last entered the OYAN contest in 2009, with Forest of Lies, and discovered my double-standard of priorities in writing. It has been a long recovery since then, and I’ve been very careful about my 2012 plan. I would like to win, or at least place in the top three, very much, but I keep reminding myself that is not the reason I write, and it should not be what I base the importance of my words on.

In the midst of this, I realize what would be a good use for my notebook: writing down these prayers. I’ve heard about prayer journals before, and even sort of kept one for awhile. I’ve decided to keep this one on writing for a couple of reasons:

1) Records: I think it will be interesting to read over old prayers in the months or years from now.

2) But mostly, for focus. It is distressing how often I fall off track of what I’m really trying to do with writing, either because of stress, or just trying to figure the muttermumble plot out, or editing woes, or the longing for glory that sunk me in 2009.

I’m praying for several things. I’m praying for help with plot and character relationships. I’m praying for guidance in theme. For focus on what’s important. For revelation on how to edit. But also for my readers. Writers write for readers, and I think keeping the people I’m writing for in my mind will really help. I’m praying for me, my words, and the people that might read my words.

I’m excited to see where this will take me.

How about you? Have you ever kept a prayer journal? What do you think about praying over your writing?

God bless,


Josiphine said...

Are those knitting needles on the notebook? 'Cause they're way prettier than mine.... :)

I keep a prayer journal, sort of. As in, I have a prayer journal and when I remember I write prayers down in it, but I'm not very good about it. When I do though, it's a lot of fun to look back over. I'd suggest it.

Hannah said...

That journal is gorgeous!
I have a prayer-journal that I have been using off and on for a few months...I really love the idea of writing down my writing-related prayers.
It seems that when I pray over my writing, that's when some of my best writing happens. Hint hint, no? I need to remember it more. ^.^

The Director said...

I'm sorry, so unrelated.... I have the exact same notebook o_O I looked at that picture and was like *gag*! I have that! :P

I have kept a prayer journal in the past, and sort of do now, but it's not in active use right now....

Rowan Alexander said...

That is odd. I too have that same exact notebook. XD

I've never kept a prayer journal, but I kept a diary for years in which I'd write down a prayer at the end of each entry. Reading back through them now is a mixture of "Why did I ask for *that*?!" and "I should start this up again."


Leah Good said...

Awesome notebook, Nai! You must have a nice friend. :P

Yes, I keep a prayer notebook of sorts. I didn't realize how much of a prayer notebook it was until I thought about using my entries for my blog and realized that every other paragraph was talking to God instead of writing down my thoughts about my devotion. So mine is a Bible thoughts/prayer/regular journal. Combining them all keeps me writing regularly.

Good luck with keeping yours. They really are awesome!

Nairam said...

@Josiphine: No, actually, they're part of a "majestic hair flower." The rest of it is also sitting on my journal.

@Hannah: My writing gets better when my focus is in the right place, too! Hint-hint indeed.

@The Director and Rowan: O.o That's weird. Apparently it appeals to writerly types. (The friend who got it for me is also a writer.)

@Leah: I have many nice friends. ;) It might expand in what I write in it--I guess we'll see.

Miranda Hajduk said...

I have a prayer journal, where I tend to ramble on and on whenever I'm feeling particularly helpless or frustrated or thankful. I also scribble notes in the margins of my Bible (am I alone in this . . ?)

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