Monday, March 5, 2012

Forest of Lies Update!

Forest of Lies: Draft IV: Phase 1: Chapter New 6

I'm currently part way into New Chapter 6--that is, the second half of Chapter 5, which I split because I added a few ginormous scenes to it. Good thing, too, or now chapter 5 would be pushing 9,000 words.

I have further named Phase 1 and Phase 2 of this editing process--Phase 1 is going to consist of going over the story aspect, adding and deleting scenes, changing stuff around, all of that big picture type of thing. Phase 2 is where I'm going to go more into the prose, editing the new scenes I've added (rough draft in the middle of draft IV stuff....ayi), working on continuity, and fixing historical accuracy components.

Because of the split process draft IV is taking, I am currently only releasing bits and pieces of the new draft, and those only to certain people and only because I feel like I might explode with all this new material and the way the story is going. I'm LOVING it.

Some stats (can you tell I like stats?):
Completely New Scenes: 7
Word Count of New Scenes: 5,836 (with around 3,600 of that coming from chapter 5)
Total Word Count of Novel: around 61,000
Net Word Gain: around 5,100

The novel word count and net word gain bounces up and down a lot, because I've also deleted large chunks of text as well as expanded other scenes already in existence. I'm hoping for a final count of around 70,000--we'll see how that goes for me.

So, what is contained within these mysterious new scenes and additions?

-Jacqueline has regained entrance to the novel prior to Old Chapter 6 (now 7), as part of the SAVE ALAN campaign
-Ralph Murdoc is more charming (and young. and handsome.)
-Chapter 4 has managed to become one of my favourite chapters, despite the fact that pre-Old 7 (now 8) chapters usually get slammed by myself.
-Much has yelled. Yes, Much can yell. In anger. Me: O.o
-Will o' th' Green has gained entrance. Robin's band has shrunk and the dynamic has changed. I like it.
-[cheesy advertisement voice] AND MUCH MUCH MORE!

And now, a new sentence or two from each chapter so far: 

Chapter 1: I about made up my mind to like him.

Chapter 2: I looped the fabric of my left sleeve around my left arm and tied it. I had often done that, in secret, after the incident where I’d almost gone up in flames.

Chapter 3: It took me about two and a half heartbeats for me to lift my skirts and tear after him.

Chapter 4: Robin whirled. “Excuse me, your grace,” he said. “But I turn my back on you for your own protection.”

Chapter 5: “You can’t help,” he said. “No one can. So stop trying. I’m just a sick heretic, why should you care anyway?”

Chapter New 6: That day, and Ralph, and the peasants’ dirty homes, and the outlaw’s blue eyes all tumbled in my head. I put one fist against it. I should sleep. I was exhausted.


I am reaching a anniversary of sorts--March 13th, 2009 is the day I turned in the last three chapters of Forest of Lies, Draft I to my creative writing teacher. Considering I turned in the first three chapters on January 9th, 2009, my Draft IV editing journeying is actually sort of mirroring my draft I writing experience, except for the obvious fact that I am much slower this time. Still, pretty cool.

Some people tell me how impressed they are with my dedication to this story. I don't really find this praise due, because it's not really a choice I've made...this story took me by the heart a long time ago and it has refused to let go, even when I tried to let go of it.

I didn't know when I finished that first draft that it would it would all be just as thrilling three years later, or possibly even more so. It's so strange when I think of how long this story has been a part of my life--and a huge part, at that.


Grace said...

Joan? Is that the same Joan in the Gervais/Yvette/Rose book? :D

Amanda said...

I am really looking forward to reading the revised version of FoL at some point. :) I read the contest version in one sitting, so I'm definitely intrigued to read it again. :)


Josiphine said...

Yay for you! I love editing, :)

Mercia Dragonslayer said...

O.O *squeal*

*begs and begs and begs to be one of the privileged few who gets to read it*

Congrats on the anniversary, by the way :D

Nairam said...

@Grace: Yes! But 17 years younger. ;)

@Amanda: Yay! Glad to hear it. ^_^

@Josiphine: might be the only person who has ever said that to me. O.o Editing and I get along. I neither love it nor hate it.

@Mercia: There isn't really a "privileged few"...I plan on letting everyone who wants to read FoL once I get this draft finished. I just need to let off steam now and then. ;) I'm really excited for when I can release it in whole after editing!

Godsgirl said...

*loves the Chapter Four quote*

Keep at it, Nai! You are getting me very excited :)

Morgan Maier said...

I am not that educated on the robin hood topic, (I know the story.)I just stumbled upon your blog and noticed the archery bow and lord of the rings quote and I just HAD to explore more (I am sort of a geek for renaissance time and the stories of Merlin and Arthur, and admittedly the topic of magic which I have never said out loud until now,but that means nothing to you since you don't know me.) Sorry, I sort went off topic, but I am excited about your novel, and you seem very intelligent.

Nairam said...

@Morgan: Thank you! I hope you enjoyed poking around. :)

Morgan Maier said...

if you don't mind me asking,how long have you been working on this book? and also , I am interested in writing a novel, but, I have so many ideas and I have a hard time getting them on paper, do you have any pointers for me?

P.S I did have fun poking around :)

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