Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Plans and God's Plans: The Call (Part 1)

[Note: Hello! I know you're shocked, but I'm not dead. Despite my last post on Inspiration, push came to shove with work hours and college and I lost all writing for over a month. I'm working at being more responsible with my time so I can stay emotionally stable--which means writing.

I've actually delayed starting this series because I didn't know if it was appropriate for the focus of my blog. It doesn't deal with writing a ton, at least not how I'm looking at it right now. But I feel like I *am* supposed to post it, so here it goes.

Also, hello to a few new followers I gained in my almost 2-month absence! I'm usually better at this. Really. Anyway, enough encroaching on my real post's room...]


The Empire State Building from my hotel room.
My current college situation confuses people. I’m doing college, yet I’m not in New York. Yet I’m not at home, either? What is this wizardry?

It’s not wizardry. It’s God’s plan turning out better than mine (imagine!).

Let me back up a bit.

I fell in love with a crazy Christian school less than a year ago. Beginning of December, 2011. It’s called The King’s College and it is located in New York City. Yes, Christian. Yes, New York City.

In the days leading up to my initial visit, nerves and stress kind of ruled my life. Part of it was a bunch of application stuff coming due, because I (naturally) applied to 8 colleges (don’t try this at home, or anywhere, kids). Part of it was because I expected to fall in love, and that was scary. It was way out of my price range and in New York City. Plus, if I fell in love…how could I possibly go anywhere else and not be miserable? At least right now my options were open.

Funny, how that fear contradicted my constant prayer for God to just, please, make it obvious.

I felt stuck. I didn’t want to go to a secular school because they didn’t have truth as a basis and therefore could get nowhere. My brief contacts with the secular learning environment—at a prestigious writing camp and a college visit to a Great Books school—both left me in tears.

But what was the other option? Hide in the woods with Bibles?

Apparently, the other option was King’s. Based on truth, and very much not in the woods.

I did fall in love. It freaked me out like I had anticipated. I spent several sobbing hours telling God that no, I didn’t *want* to go to New York City. It was ugly, it was concrete, why oh why did he have to put my dream school there?

I finally ended that tantrum with this: “God, if you can pay for this, I’ll go.”

I think God likes those challenges


Olivia said...
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Olivia said...

It's good to hear from you again, Nai! :) Looking forward to hearing the full story regarding King's. ;)

Anonymous said...

No! You can't end there! Nooooooo!!!!!

:D I was very happy to see this new post, Nai! I've missed reading your blog :)


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