Thursday, May 22, 2014

Why the Glamour of Writing Doesn't Make Rejection Any Easier

Guest post on the One Year Adventure Novel blog! Here's an excerpt:

I’m here to tell you something you probably haven’t heard before: writers aren’t special.

They aren’t a special class of human being. They are not totally incomprehensible to the rest of humanity. Their dreams and goals are no loftier than the “boring” people interested in math and science.

I know, I know, this is a scandalous idea to those who proudly label themselves “crazy” and generally think a fashion trend towards armor and steampunk goggles is the best idea they’ve ever heard.

Stay with me here.

Read more on the OYAN blog. >>

During my absence on my own blog, I actually wrote two other guest posts for the OYAN blog, condensing and adding to concepts in my old critiquing series. Here are those posts:

How to Respond to Critique When it Hurts

How to Become a Writer's Best Friend

A few days after I penned (keyboarded) the Rejection blog post, I actually got a job! So my life's a bit crazy right now, but I haven't forgotten my attempted reboot. Hopefully I'll have time to hammer out another post soon.


Olivia Flewelling said...

I just wanted to pop over from the OYAN blog and say how much I appreciated this!
Also - congrats on the job! :)

Anastasia Cross said...

I've nominated you for the Liebster blog award!


Anastasia Cross said...

I just nominated you for the Sunshine Award! Check out my blog for details.


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