Historical Fiction Resources

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Any resources that link have a corresponding review.

General Historical Fiction Resources
Resources that will help writers working in many historical periods.
Names Through the Ages by Theresa Norman. Amazon link.

Medieval Historical Fiction Resources
Resources to help medieval historical fiction novelists in general.

Medieval England Resources
More specific resources for people writing in medieval England. If they are century-specific, I will mark them as such. (Most Robin Hood tales take place in the late 12th century, so that is my focus.)
The London Excavations Series - 1150-1450

Robin Hood Resources
Resources, historical or not, on Robin Hood.


Here’s my current review system for historical resources:
First four categories of information will be rated on a 0-5 scale, with each number relating to the amount of each kind of information presented by the resource.

0 - Non-existent
1 - Scarce
2 - Fair
3 - Solid
4 - Lots
5 - Overwhelming

Politics: Kings, queens, conquests, dates. The Magna Carta. The Crusades. “Big Important People” stuff. What novelists need to know to talk to historians.

Society: The way society worked. Rules about marriage. The position of monks. English exports. Reliance on slave labor. Languages. Infant mortality. Racial issues. What novelists need to know when framing plots and characters.

Daily Life: If you suddenly plopped down in Medieval England, what would you notice? Fashion, food, cleanliness, animals, weapons, behaviors. Things for the senses. See, hear, smell, touch, taste. What novelists need to know to bring the world alive.

(Note: Society and Daily Life are likely to overlap here and there, but I’ll do my best when drawing a distinction.)

Scholarly: Stuff that isn’t necessarily helpful to the novelist, though it can be interesting.

Then I will present an “overall” rating of the resource which will take into account the information presented, the readability, the tone, and other factors. This will be on a 1-5 stare scale, meaning...

* Poor
* * Fair
* * * Good
* * * * Very Good
* * * * * Excellent

-Feel free to email me any resources you find--I will check them out before posting, and possibly review them! nairamofsherwoodblog [at] gmail [dot] com. No spaces.-

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