About Me and This Blog

I’m the product of two people who Meant to be Normal but loved babies too much to stay that way. Everything I am and have found myself to be is a product of their Un-normalness. The only person to whom I owe more is my Creator, Savior, and King.

Hello. I’m Nai.

I’m the eldest of a homeschooled bunch of eight. The 2011-2012 school year will be my senior year of homeshooled high school. Though we say “homeschool” in reality we’re a smidgen of the “unschooled”--the fact that I’ve been working on novels since I was 8 and didn’t learn how to write essays until I was 16 should be some proof of that. At the same time, my parents believe in being able to communicate with the world of grades and tests, so I’m attempting to keep up with at least the minimum of science and math.

Also, you shouldn’t get the idea that the unschooled student spends most of the day playing with plastic swords--not only do I spend more time studying than my public and private schooled peers, but also more than my fellow homeschoolers (so far). Unschooling + math has given me a deep love of learning. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

I write historical fiction--specifically, late 12th century England. It’s been a journey of 4.5 years, and continues to this day. I’m a history buff that happens to like to write as well. I research, I write, I research some more.

I write Robin Hood--since my tender years I have been somewhat enamored with the bold English outlaw, and since late 2006 even more so (I have been dubbed by my friends as the Professor of Robinhoodology). So far, my only novel worth reading, Forest of Lies, is my spin on this classic tale. Try not to get seasick. It really is quite the spin.

I write Soli Deo Gloria--for the Glory of God alone. Through Forest of Lies He showed me that it is impossible for me to write Beauty, Light, and Truth without the Creator of Beauty, Light, and Truth guiding my steps. Since then, I have fought to devote all of my writing to Him. This even leads me to forsaking my first two labels, as is the case of my current sci-fi novel, Quintessence.

I love to encourage young writers, my peers, because we are the most bipolar creatures in the universe, share resources, and write to discover what I think, which are the main purposes of this blog.

Writing and Life are Adventures--and I’m here to share mine with you. I hope I bless, encourage, enlighten, or even entertain you while you’re here in my world: my Sherwood.

God bless,

If you want to contact me, please email me at nairamofsherwoodblog[at]gmail[dot]com.


Charissa said...

Guess what, Nai? When I saw that you were following me, my first thought was: "Oh my goodness, a great author is following my blog!" Congratulations, you are now great. :) But you knew that anyway.

Nairam said...

I don't only not know that, but also would protest pretty vehemently if given the chance.

Thank you, all the same. :)

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